Sun Wu heard that he hurried to Tang Sanzang’s side and said, "I can’t figure out what the situation is at the moment." Then Yang looked around and continued, "There is a cottage in front that looks like selling wine. Why don’t we go and ask for some hot soup to drink? By the way, can I have a medicine sticker? If there is one, please ask for one to cure the master’s stomachache!"

"Good or not, go quickly!" Tang Sanzang smell speech also didn’t dwell on such a huge pain that can manage a lot when urgent way.
"Easy to go!" Sun Wu heard that when Tang Sanzang was lifted with one hand and put behind Bai Longma’s horse, a slap was taken on the horse’s ass, and a horse neigh sounded. Bai Longma had a horseshoe and ran forward.
"The old woman don’t know can have hot soup stick in! My master drank raw river water, and now his abdominal pain is endless, and he hopes to be cured! " Soon the mount with extraordinary foot strength has arrived. Sun Wu stopped running wildly. Bai Longma sat on the floor in front of the pub and grass house and was knitting hemp. The old woman said earnestly
"The river? Abdominal pain? You … where did you drink the river? " The old woman who weaved hemp seemed to think of something when she heard it. When she stopped her work, she looked at the people like a smile.
"The clear water river in the east" Sun Wu replied without thinking.
"Ah ha ha ha … play … wow ha ha ha! !” When the old woman heard the news, she burst into laughter, and two sticks of dry wood rushed out. Let’s do it. Her fist hit the ground crazily and she almost turned her back.
"Don’t laugh, old woman. Please wait for me to tell you in detail!" Sun Wu looked at the old woman laughing wildly and said anxiously, brimming with impulse to hit people.
"To put it bluntly, you said that the Qingshui River in the east is called Mother River! We are here in girl country, where daughters are born by men. It is kao, the mother river, who is pregnant with fetal gas and will have a baby in a few days! Ha ha ha ha … "
Upon hearing this old woman’s words, she walked behind and touched the pig’s belly. When she was shocked by thunder, she said, "Grandpa, I’m waiting for a man to have a baby." ! Where can the students come out? "
At the same time, thirty-three days later, Amitabha in the bliss world stopped laughing for a long time before saying, "Brother, it’s really too hard for you to make such a trouble!"
Quasi-strong pressure on the top of the head three black lines smiled. "Westbound all the way is too boring. This is also their adjustment, but Brother Buddha, your smile is too exaggerated. Pay attention to the influence!"
"Well, it was rude just now. Let’s continue to watch Jin Chan and his party." Amitabha said! ~!
Chapter sixty-seven Abortion spring storm
Sun Wu first listened to the old woman’s words and then listened to the pig’s warning words and said with laughter, "The ancients got off the bus and got off in the end. Haha, don’t worry … you will know it naturally! Wow, hahaha! "
Pig quit to listen to when heart disheartened twisted fat belly self-effacing nan way "finished finished dead …"
"Ha, ha, ha, can’t stand … to die … two seniors uncomfortable don’t move the TaiQi let the baby got prenatal disease that would be bad! Ha ha ha ha "Sha Wujing monk smell speech at the moment also mouth laugh wildly.
When the pig’s heart was broken, he fell to the ground with a rake in his hand and ran to Sun Wu with tears in his eyes, crying, "Monkey, the old pig was wrong before, please look for some stable women for the old pig!" I am afraid that this tummy turmoil is a prenatal pain! "
Upon hearing this, Sun Wu and Sha Wujing almost didn’t laugh and sprayed them one by one with laughter.
Tang Sanzang, an old pig standing at a loss, looked around and laughed wildly. Suddenly, people felt more desperate than self-effacing.
"The old man’s house I don’t know you can have a doctor here? I taught my apprentice to buy an abortion medicine and have an abortion! " Tang Sanzang’s face has changed from white to red and then to black. It’s unbearable to ask.
"Old woman, I also know that when you are impatient, you won’t play tricks on you. People who beat the fetus to take abortion pills are everywhere. There is a broken hole in Xieyangshan Mountain in the south street. There is a broken spring in it. You have to take a bite of water from the well to get rid of the tire gas. But this Xieyangshan came to a Taoist a few years ago. The broken hole was changed into a fairy temple to protect the broken spring water, but those who want water need a bonus. The goat wine fruit bowl was sincerely dedicated to get him a bowl. But it can be produced next to it. "
"So that’s easy. How far is this Xieyang Mountain from here, old lady?" Just reply from laughter Sun Wu smell speech said slowly
"It’s three miles from here," the old woman replied slowly with a smile.
"Good teacher, please wait here for the disciples to get water. The teacher has solved this Taiqi." Sun Wuwen nodded and turned to Tang Sanzang and said.
Sun Wu disappeared when his body flashed, leaving a message for Sha Wujing.
"Lao Sha, you take good care of the master and the old pig here first. I’ll be right back."
Laughing wildly in the ground, Sha Wujing smell speech nodded slightly invisible, and immediately got up and helped the old pig whose belly gradually changed into Tang Sanzang into this wine shop.
Xieyangshan, 30 miles south of the wine shop.
Teng Yuntou Sun Wu looked at this lush mountain forest surrounded by rich aura and filled the mountain. He couldn’t help but be amazed. I didn’t expect that there was such a good place in the desolate Xiniu Hezhou, although it was far from Wanshou Mountain Lingshan and his own Huaguo Mountain, but it was also a very good fairy mountain.
"This wishful thinking is really immortal!" The figure has fallen in front of the Taoist temple on the top of the mountain, feeling the wishful and true fairy momentum.
"Is it true that the fairy can be there?" Lang Langbo emanated from Sun Wu’s mouth.
I wonder who it is … hmm? ! And you are? "Voice fell Taoist temple door was slowly pushed inside out of a wearing a star crown wearing latosolic red cassock behind the golden taiji road flyover to smile mouth is suddenly one leng because people in front of the state he cannot see through.
"I’m a true fairy and polite, but I’m going west to learn from the elder brother Sun Wu, a monk in the Tang Dynasty. Because my master drank the mother river by mistake, I’ve come to ask for some spring water for abortion." Sun Wu said with a smile.
As soon as Ruyi Zhenxian heard Sun Wu’s words, his eyes immediately shot a golden light and shouted, "Are you really Sun Wu?"
Sun Wu smiled and laughed. "As the saying goes, I am Sun Wu if you don’t change your name!"
"Wow! Well, you monkey head, it’s really hard to find a place. I really thought about looking for you, but you brought it yourself! " Ruyi true fairy shouted
"You want to see me? You want to see me?" Sun Wu don’t understand
"This is about asking yourself, Po Hou!" Ruyi Zhenxian drinks a wishful hook in his hand and goes to Sun Wu.
Sun Wu, sharp-eyed and quick-handed, saw Ruyi Zhenxian attack and took out a golden hoop to hold Ruyi Zhenxian Ruyi hook and said, "Why are you so ignorant that I came to beg you without saying anything?"
"You damn monkey, do you know who I am?" Ruyi true fairy angry way
"You are polite to say that it is a true fairy. You are welcome to say that it is just a cow demon!" Sun Wu is also angry and naturally won’t be so polite.
"Now that you know it’s talkative!" Ruyi Zhenxian collected Ruyi Hook back and attacked Sun Wu again.
"Your grandpa an old since belong to the buddhist didn’t make trouble out of date have sinned against you, don’t stop me you’re welcome! Sun Wu was so angry that he didn’t break his mouth and scold a way.
"Well, let me ask you, is your master Tang Sanzang?"
Sun Wudao said, "Exactly exactly."

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