"Two whew, if I say I want to invest in it, will you be happy?" Tianyu was lost frowned at two whew said

Two whew one leng laughed "bad"
Tianyu also smiled and answered, "You are really direct."
"What are those two of us?" Two whew said cheerfully.
"If it’s so good, why do you have to butt in? Do you feel embarrassed to live in Bones’ house for nothing? If I buy Sister Yan’s house in the future, I will be equally embarrassed?" Tianyu seems to have already seen through everything, staring at the second whew and asking.
"…" Two whew laugh solidification without cheep.
"Outsiders all want to invest in this house, but I know you just want to live in peace of mind. If I really sell the house in the future, you will still take back as much as you invest now." Tianyu said with a bite of chopsticks.
This hot air is almost exhausted.
Erxiu put chopsticks at Tianyu and said, "Well, I admit that I really think so. I’m so happy that the two of us have been’ mixed up’ since we were three teenagers and are about to buy a house. Although I may not be able to contribute much to this house, I still want to do my part."
"Then answer me, how much can you invest?" Tianyu didn’t answer the question before the second whew, but asked at the moment.
"Hey silly bear, you are getting more and more cunning!" Two xiu regrets way
"Well, I’ll say 450 thousand first."
Two whew leng replied, "then I will fund 150 thousand."
"Not’ funding’ but’ investment’!" Tianyu is’ color’ Zhuang Dao, "One day, when the house price rises, I may sell the house, and then the investment ratio will be divided into profits and the brothers will settle accounts!"
Listen to Tianyu so emphasize two whew and picked up chopsticks to stretch a sigh of relief and said lightly, "Just do as you say, if the room has not been sold …"
"When you need money, I will give you a direct profit of 150,000 plus your profit ratio."
"Well, thank you."
"Thank your sister ~" Tianyu shook his head and buried.
Two whew smile didn’t say more.
"Hell, I don’t care whether you calculate the profit of this house or not, because I have decided to buy a house from a new starting point and earn another million for you!" Tianyu heart firm way
Maybe Tianyu is hot-headed, or maybe Tianyu is impulsive, but he is going to do so because he is’ touching’ his conscience!
More importantly, he is confident that he can earn millions with the remaining money in his hand in more than two years!
Now that it has been decided that Erxiu will go back early after eating, he will start to order the line to handle everything except the bones and rings.
In addition, it is already a component of the game currency, but it can be cashed now.
In the cash channel from the’ flower’ sword Taobao shop 17173 network two-pronged approach.
On average, the amount of game coins in each district is about 100 million, and it is proper to remove 60 thousand. At present, the proportion of game coins is mostly 1:15, of course, it is not the case in every district
As the districts and districts will not compete with each other, the game coins sold are completely independent, and all the districts will sell them at the same time.
Among them, people are all in the group.
"Brothers have worked hard. You and I, the second in charge, are in urgent need of a lot of cash. This time, you are tired," Tianyu typed in the online group.
"Brother Xiong’s family doesn’t say two words, but it’s just to help you sell game coins. Besides, although the materials are in short supply this time, the profit of gold’ color’ crystals is still’ quite’, and the brothers in the group have not earned less." All kinds of difficulties are answered by typing in the group.
"Thank you brothers."
Although the amount of all kinds of materials is not small, Tianyu is affordable, and many of them can meet the bulk merchants in the area and wholesale them directly when dumping goods.
However, in four days, Tianyu team’s funds quickly returned, and most of them have been turned into cash.
Tianyu called Yanjie to ask her to wait a few days and send her the money.
On the sixth day, 60,000 were collected, including Tianyu 452,000 and 150,000.
In the game, there is still Tianyu’s 150,000 cash game currency, and the second game is 50,000 game currency.
The six-day game has opened two real activities.
From June 3rd to July 7th, 148-level corner’ color’ login can get the previous day’s drawing experience 5 but calculate the upgraded experience.
On June 6th, at 13:314:3, duel field experienced 3 times of activities; 15:16: Double the experience activity. In addition, there will be a golden Goblin in the city.
Activities have little impact on the game market.
At noon on June 6, in the general business alliance group,
"Is there a new person in the group?" The wind "disorderly" dance looked at the group in the group typing way
(Today, the third watch has made up one watch and still owes four watches! )
Chapter 71 My name is Khan
"Hello, everyone, my name is Khan Shoufa." This new guy opened the door and introduced himself.

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