I’m afraid he must be very reluctant in his heart.

But he can’t break the royal rules of the fox world.
Although that woman is humble, she is pregnant with a family child in the lonely moon.
The mother is expensive, and with this sound, she must also give the child’s mother an identity.
I ran away from marriage and left the fox world
Father naturally sent people everywhere to look for him.
Hum, can you hide for a while?
He is destined to marry a lowly mortal wife.
He has been enjoying everything smoothly and his father wants him to choose a wife.
I didn’t want to have such an accident …
Marry a female wife … [
I wonder how many people will laugh at him.
He wants to marry a lowly wife when he is so distinguished.
In the end, nothing good will happen to him.
He became a little curious about that woman.
Being able to come back to life after death and having a baby in that situation …
It is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to do it.
He thinks there must be something special about that woman … Section 73: Unexplained feelings 4
It is absolutely impossible for ordinary people to do it.
He thought that woman … must also have something special.
He will be interesting to see what kind of woman it is.
When Fei Yue told him the news that she had inquired about.
He was shocked! [
Shocked and unbelievable …
How could … How could it be her?
That woman is actually mu wan!
But isn’t she married now?
The trace of the lonely moon shocked me, and that inexplicable unhappiness came up again.
Everything he’s interested in has to do with the streaming sound.
The former is like a cloud.
Now it’s Mu Wan.
Mu Wan is a plaything to him.
He doesn’t care at all.
But it is impossible for him to give it to others before he loses interest in this plaything.
Especially that person is still streaming.
Since he was a child, he hated the sound of a lonely moon.
Mu Wan’s repeated teasing finally angered his beautiful husband.
However, he felt that her beautiful husband didn’t seem to punish her severely enough.
Just don’t give her food in the woodshed
Such punishment … In his view, the root is not a punishment.
Does the little thing worry about not eating without him?
Isn’t she eating with relish with a duck leg at the moment? [
In the woodshed these days, instead of losing weight, she looks much better.
A red face is full of energy …
Look, she doesn’t eat at all.
That’s a good family. What should it look like?
Everyone else is eating with a small mouth and a small mouth.
She chewed and didn’t care that she was full of oil.
This woman is really vulgar.
But why does he think she looks cute like this?
He thought there must be something wrong with his brain.
There are always a lot of inexplicable emotions coming out recently.
Even he doesn’t know how to reply to verse 74: inexplicable feelings 5.

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