Xi Fangping’s eyes narrowed slightly: "If your faction defeated Mo"

HuoLingZi also put his body into the chair, also narrowed his eyes: "if lost. Our whole sect was owned by Jin Guangding. At that time, the boss estimated that he could only ask Jin Guangding for money. However, I can’t guarantee whether Jin Guangding can give you money. "
Xi Fangping thought for a moment and said, "OK. If you don’t buy, you will buy, and I will put my treasure on your side. However, since it is in addition to the purchase, the discount can’t be too much, only 30% off, that is to say. If you win the battle, you have to pay me 310 million pieces of lingshi or equivalent forest materials. As for the change, since we are good friends, I won’t ask you for it. "
Fire spirit son want to also don’t want to, loudly say: "ok. 30% off is 30% off, that’s it. "
Xi Fangping clapped his hands and said with a smile, "You really are a big monk. Heroism, just, there is a condition for the younger generation, that is, when you leave, allow the younger generation to follow to the war.
Huolingzi’s face changed and she asked strangely, "Why?"
Xi Fangping smiled: "As soon as the battle started. There are countless deaths and injuries, and the demand for Lingcao, Dan medicine and magic weapons has increased greatly. It is a quite large market. "
Huo Lingzi couldn’t help but give a thumbs-up sign: "Well done, boss Xi is a big businessman. He is quick-witted and very good at war money." This is also a good thing for us. If our disciple is injured, we can go to your place to get the elixir. In contrast, Golden Death does not have this advantage, and our chances of winning will be greater. "
Oh, no, the elder misunderstood. Xi Fangping shook his head: "What the younger generation means is that the younger generation will open a small shop where you are fighting, and both of you can go. Of course, since Feixianmen is my big customer, I can consider giving you a 30% discount. "
Huolingzi paused, then revealed a wry smile: "It really is the true nature of a businessman, ok, I agreed."
After seeing Xi Fangping off, Mu Lingzi quickly leaned in and asked strangely, "Brother, how can you allow Xi Fangping to open a shop in Meihuayuan, which is far away from the battlefield? In that case, we may not take advantage of anything."
Huolingzi laughed: "Teacher younger brother, think about it. You said that he, a businessman, went there to sell something in such a dangerous place on the battlefield. Obviously, he had other plans. Maybe he came for the Heavenly Spirit Sect or Jin Guangding. Also, we know something about Xi Fangping, but Jin Guangding doesn’t. With their temper, it’s strange to buy a panacea from a monk in the Dan period and give him a lingshi. If you don’t kill people and take medicine, you will already be worthy of Xi Fangping. If this really happens, think about it. Will Hunyuanzong admit that he is unlucky? Maybe, Xi Fangping is the death squad from Hunyuan Sect, and Hunyuan Sect is waiting to use Xi Fangping’s death as an excuse. A big move to attack. "
The blue-faced earth spirit son leaned over and said with a little confusion, "Brother, how do I feel?". This Xi Fangping is not from Hunyuan Sect. Otherwise, it is impossible for him not to know the origin of his Sect, nor to know the Kaitian Sect and the Tianling Sect. " HuoLingZi hesitated for a long time, then said, "Now even I’m a little uncertain. However, let’s treat a dead horse as a living horse doctor. Anyway, there is a great possibility of our failure this time. Xi Fangping should not put his mind on our dying sect. One thing is certain, Xi Fangping has an extraordinary history. Otherwise, he could not have so many seven thousand-year-old elixirs. No matter what his origin is, we should hold on to him. Maybe he is the key to change our destiny. Well, don’t talk about these people. According to my calculation, the war should be born in half a year. During this half a year, we have to make all the preparations. Jin Lingzi. You should pay close attention to the monitoring of your disciples, for you are disloyal. Kick out the door at once, and don’t let them help. If they need it, we can also give them a little stone as severance pay. Tu Lingzi, you set up the Xuan to select 10,000 disciples at the end of Jiedan, let them take Jin Jingdan, and then let them shut down for three months. The medicine of this thing is quite terrible. After three months, we will have dozens and hundreds more monks in infancy. Mu Lingzi, you are responsible for getting all the materials you need within three months. If you can’t get them ready, you’ll have to find a way to get rid of them in other schools. Shui Lingzi, you are responsible for strengthening the practice of your disciples.Strive to raise their morale to the level of World War I in a short time. As for me, I walked around and had a good talk with the big men in the scattered repair. In Feixianmen, the scattered repair for Yuan infant reached about 13,400 people, and there were more than 30 people in the late single-unit infant, many of whom were my old acquaintances. I personally went out and asked them to help me. I think they should not give me this face.
Tu Lingzi said angrily, "Brother. I just saw that some guys really don’t want to fight for Feixianmen, so why don’t we just kill them? It takes so much effort to ask them to gather.
Fire spirit son shook his head: "now is an emergency. We can’t do this, even if we kill them, but we will suffer some losses, so the internal friction is too much for us. Moreover, even if they quit Feixianmen, we will ask them to play in the name of recruitment, and we have not lost much power. If we win, then. I’ll settle accounts with them slowly. If you lose. Their life may not be easy, and Jin Guangding may not let them go. We have lost a good reputation for being kind to dissidents.
Tu Lingzi gave a thumbs-up sign: "Brother, what an abacus! You really want to know everything."
Huolingzi curled her mouth and said contemptuously, "Run away in the face of battle. Not only will it be looked down upon. It is also an influence on their state of mind, even if their talent is higher, they will never think about further advancement in the future. For thousands of years, who has been in the advanced stage of deification is not a generation with a hard mind and courage? A coward who runs away from the battle like this can’t become a climate. "

Chapter one hundred and thirty Return to destroy the magic star (on)
Five old men were speculating about the origin of Xi Fangping when Xi Fangping flew out of the inner city. He didn’t go back to the shop, but flew directly to the practice cave and sat cross-legged. He needed a quiet place to think about what he should do next.
XiFangPing sure didn’t expect, the trip to the inner city of Feixianmen, actually got so much news, not only know the whereabouts of the axe, but also know that HunYuanZong had another descendant in the fix true boundary. For XiFangPing, it’s just like hearing the news of relatives. But the question is, do those people recognize themselves as Hunyuan disciples?
In that big explosion more than seventeen thousand years ago. Everything in Hunyuan Sect was blown up except Hunyuan Cave. When Xi Fangping came out of the hole, he didn’t bring anything, that is to say, Xi Fangping didn’t have anything to show his identity. Of course, the method of mind is ok. Xi Fangping studied Hunyuan’s method of mind, and the authentic method of Hunyuan Sect is serious. However, Hunyuan’s one-hearted method is one of the three treasures of Hunyuan Sect. Hunyuan Sect has always regarded it as an arch treasure, and it is unlikely that it will be revealed to the monks in the house of commons, and they may not know it.
If you rush to find you, the top of Hunyuan Sect will not be seen, and you may be regarded as a malicious person and be hunted down. Even if they meet with the high-level, will they attack the Kaitian Sect because of the words of a little Buddhist monk? Those are two huge things in the real sense. Once a war starts, it will take thousands of years, and it is absolutely impossible to tell the outcome, and the material and disciples will lose. It is quite terrible. Otherwise, Hunyuanzong wouldn’t have made trouble with the Celestial Sect by borrowing the hand of Huanglongmen until now.
Therefore, for a long time before finding the support of Hunyuanzong, everything had to rely on Xi Fangping himself. First. He has to find a way to leave the territory of the celestial Sect. If you want to leave the territory of the Celestial Sect, you can only find a way to make trouble slowly in this place called the Twenty-eight Stars Star Domain, so that the battle of Tiens Star Domain can end as soon as possible. In this way. The celestial spirit faction will reopen the transmission array, so that he won’t be locked up in the star field of 28 stars like this, and he can’t move.
It seems that we have to cooperate well with Feixianmen, although Xi Fangping is a little reluctant in his heart. I feel a little used, but at this stage, this is probably the only feasible way. Xi Fangping proposed to himself the way to open a small shop on the battlefield. I’m still quite satisfied. At that time, he just had a brainwave, thinking about replacing the contents of his belt with Lingshi as much as possible. At that time, the idea was quite simple. He had to face such a huge Kaitian school, and Kaitian school, which had been against Hunyuanzong, was obviously unwilling to lend Xifangping the Kaitian axe. You know. If you want to break the barrier formed by Hunyuanzhu and the golden bowl, the axe must be sealed. Once the seal is opened, it is impossible to take back the axe. That’s the treasure of other people’s town faction. Who wants their own town faction treasure to fly to the spirit world or the celestial world in such a muddle? Therefore, the only way is to completely crush the Kaitian Sect, and this requires a lot of lingshi.
Now that I think about it, I went to open a small shop on the battlefield. That’s a considerable risk. Millions of monks are fighting there. It is estimated that thousands of monks are killed every day, but you swagger to open a shop there, making war money. It’s strange that people don’t rob you. However, this is a pretty good way for Xi Fangping, at least, you can find an excuse not to be a nameless teacher. After all, he has publicly admitted his identity as a disciple of Hunyuan Sect to Huoling Zi, and he is likely to be found out by Jin Guangding. It’s a little unreasonable for a disciple of Hunyuan Sect to attack the affiliated sects of Tianling Sect indiscriminately. Excuse. Just give him an excuse and he can go to war without scruple. Xi Fangping lived on the Pleiades for a period of time, and he knows the temperament of the monks here quite well. He will find it sooner or later.
Estimates, with the strength of their own monster beast army, beat Jin Guangding, or relatively easy. However, when it comes to the sects far away from the golden roof on the star Arcturus, it is a little stretched. However, he has just left Hunyuanzong for only a year or two, and the monster beast there has not been propagated to the point where it can be used, and it can’t improve much strength. However, on second thought. XiFangPing decided to go back to destroy the magic star. If for no other reason, get some magic weapons or magic weapons from the Destroyer first. With the strength of Feixianmen, it is a little difficult to deal with the golden light.
If the personal strength of Feixianmen disciples is improved, the situation may change, which Xi Fangping can still do. When Xi Fangping returned to the store, he first called those who sold medicines for himself. He gave them a lot of tricolor lotus and red fruit at once, and sold medicines at a discount of 30%. He knows very well that Sanxiu is also an integral part of the strength of a sect. Many Sanxiu will be drafted into the army. In order to join Feixianmen, he will try his best. He will sell Tricolor Lotus and Red Fine Fruit on a large scale, which will definitely have some influence on the improvement of Sanxiu’s strength. Jin Guangding will defeat Feixianmen. It’s going to be a little tricky.
Subsequently, Xi Fangping closed the shop, held his breath, outwitted the monks who might follow him, and returned to the Destroyer through the teleportation array. After leaving Sichuan, he did not directly return to Hunjiao Sect. Instead, it took only half a day to call out a 12-order "teaching" and arrived at Yingyue Island. Has just dropped to the gate, get the news of Yin Wuji has laughed and flew from a distance, behind him, followed by Yin boundless and several other, yuan baby monk. As for the boundless gloom, she followed Yuan Zhen to Jinlongyuan, not in Yingyue Island. Yin Wuji picked up Xi Fangping and said loudly, "Brother Xi, I thought you would be closed for dozens or hundreds of years, but I didn’t expect to come back only two years later. Do you miss your brother?"
After Xi Fangping gave a tight hug to Yin Wuji. Then I let go of my hand and laughed. "I was thinking about you guys. Yes, it’s just that there are still some things I want to ask my senior brother for help when I come back this time.
Yin Wuji said without thinking, "OK. As long as you have a word from Teacher Xi, it’s no matter how difficult it is. I’ll do the same. Just let me know if you need anything. Yingyue Island is your home. You don’t have to be polite when you get home. "
Xi Fangping gratefully patted Yin Wuji on the shoulder and said softly, "OK, then I’m welcome. This is not the place to talk. Let’s find another place to talk."
Yin Wuji nodded and flew away in the distance, and a few people, such as Yin Infinite, hurriedly followed up. XiFangPing hurriedly jumped onto the unicorn, followed by flying in the past, the degree is not slower than Yin Wuji. Several people came into a house in tandem, and Yin Wuji released a mask at random, tightly covering the whole house behind it. Then he said, "Brother Xi, we are all our own. If you have anything to say, you can say it now.
XiFangPing with a wave of his hand, forty thousand jins of lunar stone flew out, neatly packed in the middle of the room, the whole room, suddenly a lot of cold.
Yin Wuji’s eyes almost popped out. He jumped up and picked up a piece. Look carefully for a long time, then exclaim aloud: "Taiyin stone, so many Taiyin stones."
Xi Fangping laughed and said, "Brother, there are better things."
Say that finish, 15 jins of xuanyu flew out from the belt again, and fell on the top of the lunar stone. Yin Wuji picked up a piece of xuanyu, and after reading it for a long time, he asked inexplicably, "What is this, younger brother? In terms of quality, it should be much more expensive than Taiyin stone."
Xi Fangping nodded: "Yes, this is called Xuanyu, which is produced in the stone veins of Taiyin. On average, it is estimated that only one kilogram of Xuanyu can be produced in every few thousand kilograms of Taiyin stone. Xuanyu comes from Taiyin stone, but its function is hundreds of times stronger than Taiyin stone. It is an excellent material for refining negative magic weapon and its value. Absolutely not under Geng Jing. Brother, how many pieces of stone can these things be worth? "
Yin calculated in silence and said, "I don’t know the price of Xuanyu, but it’s absolutely sky-high. This 40,000 Jin of Taiyin stone alone is worth more than one billion pieces of lingshi, isn’t it, younger brother? Where did you get so many good things?"
Xi Fangping smiled: "Where did you get it? Brother, don’t pursue it. I just want to know. If you use these lunar stones to exchange horoscopes, how much can you exchange? "
Yin Wuji calculated, shook his head and said, "I can’t change it. Even if I get all the spiritual objects in the seven countries’ fix-true world, I can’t change this 40,000-catty lunar stone. You know, the lunar stone is in the fix-true world. It has not appeared for thousands of years, let alone a better jade than Taiyin stone. " Xi Fangping asked again: "I wonder how many remaining spiritual instruments and magic weapons are there in our Yingyue Palace?"
Yin Wulian just woke up from the shock and said, "The big war a few years ago. We have got quite a number of implements, magic weapons and magic weapons. The only magic weapon stored in the warehouse is estimated to be 200,000 to 300,000 pieces. If we get all the stored magic weapons of the seven factions, we can gather together about 500,000 pieces.
Xi Fangping said with a smile, "Please come forward. Communicate with several other sects. I want to exchange these 40,000 Jin of Taiyin Stone and 15 Jin of Xuanyu for 500,000 pieces of spiritual weapons and 5,000 pieces of magic weapons suitable for Godsworn in the period of Jiedan. Don’t be too good in quality. Low-order horoscopes are enough. You don’t need a magic weapon, you don’t have to be too good, you just have to cope with it. "
Yin Wuji laughed: "Just a word from the younger brother. 200,000 or 300,000 pieces of horoscopes in our Yingyue Palace. Take it if you want. Do you need to exchange the lunar stone? Besides, you didn’t rob most of those spiritual weapons.
Xi Fangping shook his head and said, "This can’t be done. The quantity is too large, and I am really embarrassed to take it for nothing. "
"In that case, I’ll take these lunar stones and nephrite." Yin Wuji unceremoniously put everything into his storage bag. He knows very well, if he doesn’t promise. Xi Fangping will directly take these things and exchange them with the other six sects, so the other six sects will take all the cheap ones: "As for the spiritual devices needed by my younger brother, I will find a way for my younger brother. I’ll look for it in Yingyue Palace first. If I can’t find it, I’ll personally come forward and buy it from other sects. If I can’t find it again, I’ll simply buy it from Chu and Qi. I think they won’t refute my face. "
XiFangPing laughed, Yin Wuji’s answer, completely in his expectation, he would rather take LingShi out to buy, also don’t want to take the lunar stone to exchange. Know "; Taiyin stone And get some ice toad bones from the far north. Reflecting on the Moon Palace is a powerful magic weapon of thousands of ice systems in Keshan Mountain. Everything that Riyin Wuji has done is from the interests of Reflecting on the Moon Palace, which is not the same as that of Xi Fangping. He Xi Fangping still has a lot of things to do.
Xi Fangping stood up: "In that case, please leave this matter to my senior brother. My younger brother has to go to Shuangsheng Hospital, Chicheng Mountain and Muhang Temple, and please ask my senior brother to urge his disciples to use those spiritual weapons and magic weapons in four months."
Yin Wuji readily replied: "OK, four months is enough. I will immediately order my disciples to do this. If necessary, I will send a flying boat to Chu and Qi for large-scale procurement. It’s just that my younger brother has been away for about two years. Just stay in Yingyue Palace for a few more days. We other disciples still want to have a good drink and chat with our younger brother. Besides, we don’t have much gold in Yingyue Palace, so we don’t want to support some. The gold coins bought outside are not as delicious as those sent by my younger brother. "
Xi Fangping laughed: "OK, I also want to get together with several senior brothers. As for tea, don’t talk about gold, it’s better tea. Brother, I still have several hundred catties each here. A few pounds of tea is a good thing, and there are many good things here. "
Say that finish, from the storage bag took out fifty seven thousand years of Lingcao, such as Polygonatum sibiricum, check. Flowers. Winter, golden ginseng and the like were put on a table, and at the same time, ten blood lotus roots with more than 6,000 years were taken out and put on the table. Yin Wuji and others suddenly jumped up and looked at these elixirs with green eyes. This is the elixir of 7,000 years. Although it can’t be said that there is no such thing in the realm of Wu’s cultivation of truth, it’s incredible that so many can be produced at one time. These elixirs are in the realm of the kingdom of Wu. A tree can also sell millions of lingshi. Just … Generally speaking, elixirs of that level are rarely sold, which are basically valuable and have no market. Sometimes, no amount of lingshi can be bought. After a while, Yin Wuji took a breath of cold hair and asked loudly, "Teacher Xi, where did you get these things?" These are all elixirs of 67000 years, which is quite good for the advanced monks in Yuan infant period.
Xi Fangping smiled: "This is what I planted. Just be filial to all the other disciples. "
Yin Wuji and Yin Infinite looked at each other and stopped talking. You planted it. How long can you live as a monk in the Dan period? How can you plant a panacea for six or seven thousand years? They all guessed, Xi Fangping must have some kind of treasure, which can make Lingcao grow, and it is uncertain that it can also make the monster beast advanced. Otherwise, how could Xi Fangping build such a huge monster beast army in a short time? No wonder every time I practice monster beast, Xi Fangping will deliberately avoid others and. Don’t let others follow. But … They didn’t say it. Also, now that Xi Fangping is a member of Yingyue Palace, he has a treasure, which means Yingyue Palace has a treasure, so there is no need to get to the bottom of it. So as not to make Xi Fangping angry, the loss outweighs the gain.
Xi Fangping stayed in Yingyue Palace for five days and had a good chat with several other disciples for five days, of course. He won’t tell Yin Wuji and others about his trip to the Pleiades. Even if Yin Wuji and others intentionally or unintentionally set him up, he would just play dumb and say nothing. Five days later, Xi Fangping left Yingyue Palace and headed for Shuangshengyuan. For the arrival of XiFangPing, GongSunSheng, who has advanced to the middle stage of YuanYing, naturally gave a grand welcome. For XiFangPing’s request to buy 20,000 middle-class sons of thunder, he also promised to deliver the goods to Yingyue Palace within four months.
Before he left, GongSunSheng also gave Xi Fangping ten senior sons of thunder. These ten senior sons of thunder are the things that Shuangshengyuan has made great efforts to study in the past few hundred years. Each one is worth millions of pieces of lingshi. Once it is sacrificed and compacted, it can cause harm to the monks in the early stage of Yuanying, and even directly kill the monks in the early stage of Yuanying.
The manufacturing method of the advanced thunderbolt has long existed in Shuangshengyuan, which was left by our ancestors. Only in the past, the strength of Shuangshengyuan was limited, and it simply couldn’t afford materials, so it was helpless to hold Baoshan. Since the Western Expedition, Shuangshengyuan has more and more Lingshi on hand, and naturally it has the ability to make advanced sons of thunder. Because this kind of thing is too sensitive, and the cost is quite large, there are not many made by Shuangshengyuan, and only 20 pieces are made in total. This time, I gave Xi Fangping ten pieces at once. Therefore, Shuangshengyuan is really grateful to Xi Fangping, and sent out all the killer copper of his sect.
Xi Fangping was moved and wanted to think. He took out ten seven thousand-year-old Lingcao from the storage bag and gave it to Shuangshengyuan as a thank-you gift for the ten sons of thunder. From the value point of view, a 7,000-year-old Lingcao is almost equivalent to an advanced celestial beast. However, the celestial scorpion can be manufactured, and the 7,000-year-old Lingcao. It depends on fate. Therefore, in a sense, this thank-you gift from Xi Fangping is not shameful at all.

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