Both sides are full of blood dragon teams, and the model collocation is very reasonable. It is a common formation of seven patrols, seven chasers, guardians and arbitrators, but on the other side, the player team is rather deformed. Half of the 30 mecha are stalkers and the remaining half are guardians and arbitrators, with six patrols and three each.

Wang Tianping looked at this team of players named "Blast" with great interest. This team has insufficient defense and attack power, but excellent maneuverability. If the strength is good, it will be difficult to deal with, but if the strength is poor, it will die soon.
The terrain of the competition is rocky forest. The standard gravity clear night blood dragon detachment showed very well-trained actions as soon as it arrived. Seven pursuers were divided into seven directions and walked at a brisk pace. The mental activity disappeared into the dark. There was a patrol behind each pursuer. The distance was well grasped to ensure that the enemy at that position would not see himself on the radar.
The flurry team also immediately launched an operation. Fifteen of their pursuers were divided into two groups, except that their captain "Shadow Ghost" was a single scout, and the other walkers followed the scouts. Six golden combinations were each divided into two groups with a group of pursuers and three patrolmen, among which the single group followed the captain.
The action of the flurry team is even more unrestrained than that of the blood dragon, especially their captain, who not only scouted alone to meet his teammates behind him, but also had one person. The whole team was divided into parts. Although each team was not far away, it didn’t take much time to meet them, but the risk of playing this way was still very great.
Soon the scouts of both sides approached the central area of the venue, and all the more than 20 pursuers successively opened the cover. Not long after that, a blood dragon pursuer and a high wind pursuers entered each other’s reconnaissance area. As the three pursuers approached, the audience also consciously closed their mouths and stared at the field to see who could find each other before.
Chapter 142 Snowballing on the battlefield
Terrain such as rocky forest and clear night is fatal to ordinary players who have no mecha foundation and have received military training.
The audience has discovered this. The stalker of Blood Dragon moves very rhythmically. The base mecha has always been in a place that can be hidden at any time, always shuttling through the rocks, so as to prevent himself from being captured by the camera to the greatest extent, and he also noticed that the moonlight always keeps himself in the shadow.
Comparatively speaking, the two stalkers in Blast are far from each other. Although they are also very skilled in moving, most ordinary players in the audience think they can’t compare with them, but the path they choose is very bad.
They didn’t pay attention to the shadow formed by moonlight, and they didn’t deliberately hide their mecha behind the rocks. They just walked along the rocky path, which made the audience see the end of this first scout contact.
Things didn’t go beyond everyone’s expectation. The blood dragon stalker was very experienced and the engine was controlled to a minimum. Soon he stopped behind a huge stone. He had already detected the enemy through a microphone. In less than a minute, his camera captured two images of the stalker.
The high wind has been discovered by the other side, and the two pursuers still don’t know it. They continue to advance along the scheduled reconnaissance route. After analyzing the enemy’s strength through images, the blood dragon detachment decided to take the initiative to attack this pursuer. The patrolman immediately accelerated to flank this side, and the pursuers also looked at the distance and fired at the gun.
The high-speed stalker was attacked and saw the red dot flash by the radar. Immediately, he realized that he took the initiative to scan, but at this time, the patrol was still far away. Their radar did not show that the other party only had one stalker as a scout. They immediately chased out in the direction where the red dot flashed just now.
Not far away, they were shot several times and finally saw the blood dragon stalker. Is it a sniper? But are professional players so stupid? It’s unreasonable to act so rashly, but they don’t want to miss this opportunity because they didn’t see the enemy in the active scan.
The two sides fought at close range, and the three pursuers twisted together. Soon, the two pursuers found out that something was wrong. If this was a sniper, his melee fighting skills were so strong. If it wasn’t for the sniper, he just wanted to shoot forward and expose his position.
Although it’s a pair of two, the blood dragon stalker doesn’t fall in the wind at all. At this moment, the reinforcements called by the high wind stalker haven’t come yet, but there is a red dot behind them. How can it be there? It should be the place I just scouted. Is it a stalker who missed the trail?
Soon the enemy’s true colors appeared in front of them, and the stalkers became more and more chaotic, but at this time they were not going to retreat. Although the enemy had reinforcements, their own reinforcements were not far away. After such a long time, the golden combination behind them was almost coming.
The battle soon changed into two pairs of two blood dragons, and two people were absolutely dominant. The two pursuers were repeatedly recruited, and it was almost impossible to hold on. At this time, the engine roared from behind them, and they had already learned through the blue spot of radar and team communication that the response team behind them was close to the battlefield.
Blood dragon two people naturally saw two red spots from the radar, but they also don’t worry because the blue spot of radar is not far away. They have been waiting for news at the back. The main force has already driven other scouts and paraders nearby here, and they have also arranged encirclement.
The first thing to get to the battlefield is the golden combination of high winds. Considering that the two mechs are fighting together, they are not good at suppressing fire, so they rush to help one person in melee combat.
Once again, I fell into a one-on-two situation. This time, the pressure on the two blood dragons increased, because I couldn’t run when I played one-on-two just now, but if I want to escape now, I will expose my back to the powerful arbiter, but soon their pressure will be reduced, because two blood dragon pursuers who are nearby have joined the battle.
It was a small battlefield for scouts from both sides, but now it’s like snowballing. Mechs from both sides have arrived here one after another to gather more and more mecha. The initial battles have become more and more fierce. Those mecha have long since retreated to the rear because of the low durability of their outer armor. Now the center of the battlefield is full of new mechs.
Ten minutes later, the scale of the battlefield not only didn’t shrink, but it became bigger and bigger. At this time, all 60 mecha departments of both sides were here, and the fighting was fierce. However, both sides paid more attention to the protection of seriously injured mecha. It is a miracle that even now there is no mecha explosion.
One after another, the seriously injured mecha were evacuated to the rear and no longer served as melee combat. Later, the more complete mecha rushed to the front and entered the most central part of the battlefield.
Seeing Wang Tianping here, we can see that the final result is that the blood dragon mecha is reasonably matched. In this frontal battlefield, it is very cheap, but the defense and attack of the blast are not as good as those of the other side, but instead of guiding the battle to the most suitable mobile warfare, it has been dragged into the frontal confrontation by the other side. Since it became a frontal confrontation against the big battlefield, the blast has already determined the failure.
Sure enough, there is no gap in the early stage of the battlefield, but now it can be clearly seen that the lack of attack and defense leads to the serious injury of the flurry mecha. The frequency of their replacement mecha is higher than that of the blood dragon. After all the mechs have been passed, the blood dragon still has about one-third intact mecha.
It’s better to make the durability a little higher when the wind comes, but it’s a little higher, but it’s already half in good condition. The root can’t stand the frontal fire suppression.
Soon, the dead appeared on the battlefield, of course, and the high-speed squad was short of personnel. Their replacement frequency rose again, but the blood dragon still changed the seriously injured mecha to the rear and the intact mecha to the front.
There is a vicious circle in the high wind, and the players are killed faster and faster. After more than ten minutes, all of them have already returned to the rest area, while there are only three dead players here in the blood dragon. Although all the organic methyl groups are seriously injured, it can be exploded after two or three attacks at most.
Wang Tianping has left the arena. He found something interesting in the battle just now. This team named Blast Team turned out to be a team composed of elite players. Most of their players have very good personal strength, especially the captain, the shadow ghost, but they don’t have a good commander who has all the strength but can exert himself.
Wang Tianping made a friend and entered "shadow ghost" in the column of accurate search by nickname, and then sent out this friend application.
Chapter 143 Line up for annexation
In the middle of the night, the frenzy squadron was dragged by Wang Tianping to an encrypted squad room, where they saw the squad waiting to play against them on the other side.
Looking at the opponent’s data, the information is displayed. The 30-member team leader, the shadow ghost, is very puzzled. The horse race is coming, and it may be sent at any time. What we should do now is to rest or warm up more easily to stay in shape.
This is about fighting a full squad first, not to mention that it can be sent directly then. What should I do?
However, out of trust in Wang Tianping, they still believe that Wang Tianping’s move must have his own ideas, because Wang Tianping should be the one who wants to win the game most. How could he destroy the Great Wall and do something beneficial to the game here?
It soon became clear that although it was a battle, it was actually different from the battle in the game. Wang Tianping did not choose the random terrain environment during the game, but directly chose the simplest standard gravity plain cloudy. In this terrain, there was no tactical possibility for both sides to confront each other.
As the two teams rushed to the center of the field, Wang Tianping and the other team leader, Shadow Ghost, did not command the troops to carry out large-scale battles, but selected several team members and the other team members to carry out small-scale battles.
This is just a simple warm-up. Compared with one-on-one fighting in a single-player fighting room, it is more time-saving to choose a small team fighting room, and it can also realize multiple battles and carry out real wheel battles at the same time. It is a special style of play.
However, the flurry doesn’t think so now. They received an application from Wang Tianping’s friends at noon. At first, they didn’t know what the first person was looking for them. They didn’t know how Wang Tianping knew about their little-known team.
However, Wang Tianping’s words gave them a great shock because Wang Tianping came to talk to them about the annexation of the whole team, that is, to join the flurry team as a whole into the frenzy squadron, so that their information would be the frenzy independent squadron.
Wang Tianping’s reason for doing this is very simple. Up to now, it is difficult to find a powerful lone ranger like Thunderbolt. Most people have joined or formed an independent force. It is better to directly find the target and annex the whole team, which is fast and reduces the possibility of recruiting undercover.
This discussion has triggered a debate among the flurry team. Some players think that Wang Tianping should be invited. After all, Wang Tianping’s name is there. It is good for them to join such a team. Of course, some opponents think that they should maintain their independence and should not become vassals of others.
Shadow Ghost, the captain of the flurry squad, is also hesitant to argue that both sides make sense, and it is not easy for him to draw a premature conclusion, because this squad is different from professional players to form an elite squad and from ordinary players to form a friendship squad. They all know each other in the game and strangers get together because of the same goal.
At first, there were five people when Shadow Ghost established the Blast Team. These people made friends with similar strength in boot camp. Later, they finally got such a full-fledged team through searching and recruiting in the arena.
Although he is the captain, he can’t act arbitrarily. This is not because he is the captain, but because he is the strongest among the first five people. Many things have been raised by a show of hands, and the captain can have at most two votes, which is the extent.
And such a big event as whether to merge into the frenzy squadron is estimated that even if you raise your hand, there will be no result. In the end, it is likely that you want to join the frenzy squadron in the name of flurry, but you don’t want to join and quit directly.
In fact, the Shadow Ghost still wants to join the frenzy squadron. First of all, it is the fame of the frenzy squadron and Wang Tianping, which is very important for a professional team. Whether it is the sponsorship of the later people or the current small vanity can be satisfied.
Secondly, the professional player’s goal is that he didn’t choose the professional guild because the backbone of the professional guild has already determined that he wants to climb from the peripheral team to the elite team step by step and then to the guild backbone. This is not a simple process, like the frenzied squadron, which has no shortage of fame and strength, but the team with insufficient numbers has become his first choice.
Wang Tianping guessed the contradiction of the other department after saying his purpose. Instead of urging, Wang Tianping told them that he knew the process of this team and then pointed out their biggest shortcoming.
In fact, they themselves know that this shortcoming is poor command. This is a serious injury. The team sites are all ordinary players. No one has any military service experience and has never been in contact with the mecha before. They just tried it on all confident players instead, but the result is that everyone has poor command.
Wang Tianping introduced the situation of his team to them, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of a flurry squad, and also briefly told them the goal of the frenzy squadron. In this case, Wang Tianping saw that most people in the flurry squad had been tempted, and a few people seemed to have some resistance and anger.
So he added a fire, that is, now that there is a verbal speech in this battle, it is obviously impossible to impress them completely, so it will be much more convenient for them to see the strength of the first team and break their self-esteem as a master.
Indeed, the number of squadrons in the frenzy is not much. Now it is not a one-on-one fight, but a one-on-one fight. One-on-one fight is a two-on-one fight. Wang Tianping even took over five players, including Shadow Ghost.
The final result shocked all the people in the flurry. Everyone in the frenzy squadron lost except for the sad straight line, which was not that the combatants didn’t play. Blackie was that the sniper didn’t fight directly, but that he fought with several players who thought he was a good marksman.
Especially against Wang Tianping against five people, they can’t believe that someone can win against five people at the same time, which breaks their inherent concept. Wang Tianping’s strength is much stronger than the video they saw on the Internet before. Those are all his performances of deliberately reserving the situation.
At the end of the battle, the strength of the frenzy squadron was broken, and finally they agreed that the flurry squad should be merged into the frenzy squadron as a whole. Fortunately, after meeting at noon, they stayed in Hengzhou Wang Tianping immediately took them to the NPC to complete the annexation procedure, and the number of the frenzy squadron increased by 41 people.
Until now, all the people in the frenzy squadron realized that Wang Tianping had to admire him for his fighting spirit. Generally, the team recruited one player at a time, and he actually pulled in a team directly.
At this time, all of them came to the ear to inform them that today’s competition opponents have been arranged, and if they prepare good words, they will be sent to the competition venue
Chapter 144 Participants
There is a big drill in this team competition. Of course, this may also be deliberately set by the operator, that is, players who have been eliminated can also participate again by changing teams
The elimination rule is that the team is eliminated, but it is not aimed at the players, just like the current frenzy squadron. Their team as a whole received the flurry team. Although the flurry team was eliminated by a team of Blood Dragon at noon, their thirty players are now members of the frenzy squadron, but the frenzy squadron has not been eliminated. They can continue to participate now.
Actually, because the rank list has been occupied, there is no promotion notice, but many military pilots and top professional players have reached the edge of sergeant and been promoted one after another. They also adopt the method of accepting their eliminated teams into the squadron as a whole
In this way, professional players who have been eliminated can also participate in the competition again, and teams can also have more choices in the final round, so that they can know who their opponents are before, and then they can decide the list of contestants according to their opponents.

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