If you want to get your hands on Pluto’s drawings without being shocked, just copy the fake for the real. That’s why Alves decided to take action. According to the plan, he won’t take part in the meeting target himself, and Fran will take charge of the specific action. It’s really not difficult for the maid to be skilled.

at this time
Knock at the door
"The mayor of Temple Iceberg has arrived."
There is a maid sound outside the door.
"Mayor iceberg, please sit in the reception room." Alves got up and rubbed his thumb, fingers and belly alternately in a circle. After cutting, his nails were not sharp and sharp, so he was satisfied with throwing the nail clippers on the coffee table. "Fran, you go and get ready! From now on, I will give you a’ holiday’, take a few people out for a walk, and wait for the opportunity to act later. "
"I’m leaving the temple now."
"Go quickly! I will continue to fight a protracted war with the mayor of Iceberg. "Pluto’s drawings are the goal, but in addition to this unknown drawing, Shuiduhai train manufacturing technology is also the goal of Eluz. It is really a waste of saliva to get this technology from Iceberg these days before finally seeing the dawn.
Fran left the room to prepare for the night action.
Eluz turned a corner and came to the reception room.
"Sorry to keep you waiting, Mayor Iceberg."
Alves came in and sat on the sofa opposite the iceberg.
"I haven’t been here for two minutes." The iceberg arrived at the maid who sent hot tea next to him. Xie put out her finger and touched the tip of the hot teacup to sting, which made his attention more focused. The negotiations these days made him realize that Alves didn’t like to say anything at all.
Just a doer, he doesn’t like to waste energy on meaningless things.
Get to the point without saying more nonsense.
"The train technology of Elwus Wanghai is my teacher’s painstaking efforts. If it is possible for the teacher’s painstaking efforts to be carried forward, I am naturally willing, but the mayor of Shuiqi Island, I also need this city and this island to be responsible."
"Due to the influence of Akula Laguna, the water god (tsunami), and the shipbuilding technology of Shuidu appeared at that time, this shipbuilding city was in danger of decline and extinction. My teacher built the sea train, and his world-class shipbuilding technology saved the city. I absolutely want to protect my teacher and save it."
Alves squinted and listened to Iceberg’s repeated emphasis on his’ responsibility’. This rhetoric probably contained sincere feelings for the dead teacher, but this did not prevent him from trying to raise the technical price of sea trains.
Stop for tea when the mayor of iceberg says he is tired.
Alves said, "I’ve heard about Mr. Tom, the mayor of Iceberg, and I’m deeply sorry for his unfortunate experience, but it’s not something that I can do alone to help Mr. Tom clear his name."
He spread out his hand to show difficulty.
The fact is really difficult.
If you want money, to be honest, even billions of Berries are all so-called, but what the iceberg asks for is to help Tom, the dead fisherman, clear his name. This condition didn’t occur to Elus at all that the negotiation card could not be carried out here.
Wang Qiwuhai’s identity depends on who or what he is facing.
But on the whole, except for Franco, the former Celestial Dragons, Wang Qiwuhai mostly deals with the navy and has no contact with senior officials of the world government. It is really difficult to clean people’s names like this.
In particular, the target is the fisherman Tom, who once built the Oro Jackson for the One Piece, and was sentenced by the world government for it.
It’s really tough to deal with One Piece.
"When it’s really … there’s nothing you can do?"
Unwilling to give up the iceberg like this, I stared at Erus with wide eyes and begged.
Since the teacher was willing to be taken away by the world government in order to protect his younger brother Francci, he was put to death on the judicial island for the crime of building a ship for the One Piece, and he was also burdened with the law to clear his reputation. His achievements before his death were wiped out, and he held his breath.
He wants the teacher to clear his name, let the statue of the teacher stand in the center of the water capital, and let the island residents know who saved the water that had fallen into decline.
Except for the old people on the island, the residents of Shuidu now don’t even know who the sea train maker is.
Tom, once the world’s first boatman and fisherman.
Now it has long been forgotten
Iceberg worked hard to establish Carrera company, climbed the mayor’s high position and he hated the world government most, which made Carrera company a world government royal shipbuilding company, but he worked hard to get all this to help him avoid the evil of world government agents and try his best to protect his younger brother Francci Ann …
He can’t do more.
Standing at the top of Shuiqi Island, he deeply realized that he had no place to climb, and if he wanted more, he could turn to external forces.
He expressed great interest in the sea train technology and had no negative opinion of his teacher. Erus was naturally regarded by the iceberg as the one who could use external force, just like a lonely boat drifting in the sea for a long time, and finally saw the land shadow.
Even if it is a mirage, the iceberg doesn’t want to give up so early before it bursts this bubble.
"This matter … Hope is equal to"
Elus shook his head slowly. "Let’s not say that the world government takes extremely cold measures to deal with everything involving One Piece. It is said that the world government official who framed Mr. Tom by small means in the past has now been promoted to his own future, and he will definitely do his best to prevent people from reversing his conviction."
This is the proper truth.

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