Ye Feng took a look at the equipment and a gem to Lu Tehran and smiled. "Do you want holy gems to explode two and one for DOG? Is that okay with you? Hard work to identify these three pieces of silver equipment should be "

"Holy gem? Really? " Lu navy depressed face se generate gave a hint of excitement and took the gem to see if it belonged to xing.
[Intermediate Holy Gem] The ordinary gem attached to the groove of jewelry or equipment can increase 15 healing points.
"It turned out to be intermediate!" Zhuo Hailan was slightly excited. What he originally wanted was just a primary holy gem. Now he actually got an intermediate one. A clever smile flashed in his mind. Zhuo Hailan’s face had an imperceptible smile for the first time. "She should understand."
"Hey melancholy man! Why don’t you stay and quickly identify the equipment! " Pojun Wu Yue looked at Zhuo Hailan and stood there like a silly pestle. He was very dissatisfied. If he could also have primary identification, he would have robbed the equipment and identified it all.
"Sorry, this is the identification!" Zhuo navy apologized to Pojun Wu Yue and then identified the equipment for three consecutive times and returned it to Ye Feng.
【 Daruk helmet 】 Armor is silver.
Attack 69
Defense 152
Power +9
Physical strength +9
Demand level 9
Demand for professional soldiers and knights
【 Daruk Sawtooth Sword 】 One-handed weapon is silver.
Attack 3952
Power +16
Agile +11
There is a 7% chance to cause bleeding damage to the target wound when you attach an attack. You lose 15 points of blood every 2 seconds for 24 seconds.
Demand hierarchy
Demand for professional soldiers and knights
[Daruk belt] Armored silver
Defense 113
Physical strength+
Demand hierarchy
Demand for professional soldiers and knights
"It would be nice if Daruk column were a suit." Ye Feng looked at it and directly pulled the whiteboard belt and threw it into the backpack. Then he tied Daruk’s belt and picked the green hat. He wore a green Se hat and hung around all day. In fact, Master Ye was still very bored.
PS asks everyone to help collect flower tickets on Monday. Let’s say that clicking finally broke 10 thousand should be worth celebrating.
Chapter 49 fangs trap
"Boss Tuoba, you don’t want to take the equipment for yourself, do you?" Pojun Wu Yue looked at Ye Feng with a belt and a hat. When he was cleaning up, he looked at three things that he could equip himself but couldn’t get one. There is nothing more maddening for equipment control.
"I am the head of the team and have the same priority in professional equipment. Don’t you forget?" Ye Feng Gherardini took Daruk’s serrated sword in his hand.
"That can’t be three pieces. It’s too unkind for you to take them alone!" Pojun Wu Yue nasty blush neck coarse call way
Everyone is ridiculous. Now there is no master demeanor in Wu Yue, Pojun. It is said that Pojun doesn’t care about manners at all. There is no equipment to be honest
"Say it’s also a belt for you." Ye Feng pulled the belt to throw it to Wu Yue, Pojun.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, I’m interested in this weapon." Pojun Wu Yue waved his hand and stared at Ye Feng’s serrated sword.
"I like this, too. I’m a berserker. I need weapons more than you do." Ye Feng laughed and shook out a sword flower.
"Ye Feng, don’t tease him. Give him a weapon. With a good weapon, Pojun can better hold the hatred. If you really want to bring a good team, you should have some manners to let the members find a sense of belonging to the team." Tang Weiwei whispered.
"I also want to show him his weapon to play with. I hate it for two or three times, so I feel ashamed to be the chief tank of our team as a shield soldier." Ye Feng replied half jokingly that giving silver weapons to Pojun is also called anyway. Recently, it has been a team activity. Pojun and Wu Yue can also give full play to their strength with a good weapon
"All right, I’ll give you the weapon, but you’re not good enough now. I’ll give it to you after I brush the vice."
"Really? Thank you, big brother! " Pojun Wu Yue smiled and the boss was red with excitement.
"Pojun remember shield soldiers for a team is the team soul! I hope our team will become a miracle in Eternity, and whether you can get to this point is important! " Ye Feng looked at be in heaven, Pojun, Wu Yue and suddenly serious way
"My ability is important?" Pojun Wu Yuexin’s face was touched. It’s hard to show the solemn God Se and nodded his head at Ye Feng mercilessly.
Ye Feng is very proud of this challenge. You have to be a master at least.

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