Chapter 253 The past

With Wang Tianping’s order, the squadron’s bridge raiders are officially connected to the transition area. Several halls are equipment rooms, and many large-scale equipment whose names are not named are displayed. These are all imaginary in reality and are not invented by the game makers.
There are many enemy zombie soldiers and zombie pilots here, and there are a lot of reformed alien giants, scorpions and bombers on the top floor. Fortunately, there are no migratory locusts here.
The giant acts as a meat shield at the forefront and is always ready to rush in for close combat. The scorpion does not stay in the rear to shoot, but fully benefits itself. The hard and high physical resistance carapace also rushes to cover the knife for the giant without physical resistance. The bomber is quick and flexible, and the target is small. The advantage is to find a gap and rush to explode.
How strong is the mixed force of various alien creatures? The old members of the frenzy squadron have already experienced it in Shenwei VI. Although the number of enemies has decreased compared with the two floors, the durability of the outer armor and weapons of the frenzy squadron has decreased, but it has increased.
After getting rid of the enemy in the first hall, Wang Tianping said, "Do you feel that the enemy seems to be stronger than those in Shenwei Six?"
After listening to Wang Tianping’s words, the old players who participated in that time said that they felt the same way. Wang Tianping made a summary. This time, the enemy’s strength, defense, speed, firepower, flexibility, special abilities and other basic aspects have not been enhanced, but the fluency of mutual cooperation has been greatly improved
Biochip! When people think of the information they just saw at the terminal, it seems that this technology is very mature. Combined with the performance of the former zombie soldiers, it can be seen that this technology seems to have been put into practice.
Grasping the key to the enemy’s growing strength, it is easier to fight. The frenzied squadron maintained this momentum and came to the last equipment room. This is the equipment room where the central processor of the transport ship and the main brain of the supercomputer are located
There are no enemies here, except for a few unknown devices in the whole hall. Of course, this is also a microcosm of the pursuit of rationality by the game system. After all, fighting here may destroy the brain. Without the control of the brain, all the transport systems will be paralyzed.
There are naturally several terminals here, and it is also a place to look for key points. Everyone looked around and found no threats, so they were scattered around the terminals and busy.
After some searching, they did find a lot of things, but the old players were a little disappointed because the information here was Shenwei VI, and they had found the experimental report, which was of course slightly different from the report of human zombie and biochip.
At that time, the report was valuable for follow-up research in these two aspects, and it was not yet found to be of real value, but now both of them have changed, which shows that the enemy research has made progress.
Because I have seen what I have browsed, the progress will soon end, and as everyone expected, the excellent evaluation will rise to 99% directly by fighting, and the rest is to challenge the final BOSS.
They just finished browsing the information and the team was about to move on. Wang Tianping’s ear suddenly came to the commander of the Hengzhou Military Region. "The rebel transport clearing troops heard this, please reply. Repeat, the rebel transport clearing troops heard this, please reply."
Wang Tianping quickly answered the inquiry and learned that the base had been trying to contact them not long after their shuttle left the transport ship, but it was always in a state of human response, because at that time they had reached the range of blocked communication.
Then the commander made a communication attempt every once in a while. Until now, Wang Tianping finally established a link with them. In retrospect, he realized that they had called all the way from one equipment room. The communication shielding equipment must be in one of the equipment rooms. The aftermath of their battle with alien creatures destroyed that equipment. Now the commander can connect with them.
Wang Tianping briefly reported the situation here, and then the commander said, "So that’s Eden? The word actually appeared here. These guys are really pervasive and have their shadows everywhere."
This reaction is strange. Wang Tianping asked, "From your tone, you seem to know this organization? Can you tell us about it? We have to deal with the mastermind of this rebellion. The more information, the better. "
The commander hesitated for a moment and then said, "The confidentiality level of this matter is beyond your limit, but Eden appeared in this time, so it is not illegal for you parties. I will bend the rules."
These commanders said in a nostalgic tone, "Twenty years ago, when I was a second lieutenant pilot, I was the captain of a certain mecha unit. At that time, there was no war between the empire and the Federation. Although there were occasional disagreements, there were some minor frictions between the two sides, but they were very restrained in limiting the contradictions to the political level."
"And I heard that the word Eden was at that time that our intelligence personnel came to investigate a building suspected of being a secret stronghold of the Empire, but after sneaking in, they found that illegal experiments were actually being carried out there."
Before that, there were often cases of civilians missing nearby, and according to the descriptions of nearby residents, people rarely came in and out, but trucks were often seen carrying things in and out. Not only that, there was a smell of disinfectant around the building.
"According to the information at that time, it was not only the cloning of various known and unknown animals’ living bodies and organs, but also the legal orders of gene interpretation, reproduction, modification and so on. The most shocking thing for us was human experiments."
"They have given various means to capture people, fed them all kinds of unknown drugs, and all the people who have taken drugs have mutated. They have also implanted something in their nervous system to control their thinking and physical functions, which is life and death."
The cruelest thing is to play with those people’s genes and impose modified gene fragments of other organisms on people, transforming human beings into monsters.
"My mecha squad was ordered to clear the building at that time, but the researchers in it eventually committed suicide or went crazy, and they didn’t get any information from them, and the victims were hopeless, so we personally ended up giving them a good time."
"Finally, we saw the word EDEN at the terminal left at the scene."
Chapter 254 to 99%
The communication with the commander has been hung up. The commander told the frenzy squadron all he knew in Eden. At this time, the frenzy squadron was still digesting the information just obtained.
Eden was here 20 years ago, which is really a shocking news. That is to say, from 20 years ago, the Federation searched and cleared Eden and organized the empire, and probably took the same action. But today, 20 years later, this organization has not been completely destroyed, but it has a tendency to grow further.
What the commander knows is just the tip of the iceberg, but it is only a few battles he has participated in or knows, and some information can be searched on the spot. Even the commander who has become a general does not know the specific situation of this organization.
The commander’s words made them understand once again how powerful their enemies are, and Wang Tianping also felt that this time it was estimated that Eden had organized a stronghold to uproot and kill a cadre of unknown status.
After finishing the intelligence, Wang Tianping called the people to move on. The equipment room has been walked again. The reception hall is the living area of the transport ship. This is the rest and entertainment place for the crew of the transport ship.
Compared with the former equipment room, there are not many large-scale equipment in the living area, which is more spacious and has more enemies. Besides, I have never met giants, scorpions and bombers before, and I have never seen migratory locusts before.
It would be very difficult to deal with such a mixed force if it weren’t for the experience of the frenzy squadron in Shenwei VI, but now they will be much easier
Guardians concentrate on dealing with giants and bombers, two enemies with no physical resistance, while scouts attack the rear scorpion, scorpion has no energy weapon resistance, and it is not very big here. Scouts can hit the key with a little aim, and at least they can destroy scorpion biological firearms at the first time.
The remaining arbiters, patrolmen and pursuers snipers have to deal with the most troublesome flying creature in these troops, the migratory locust. Although it has little defense, its flexibility and attack power are extremely strong.
The attack mode of migratory locusts is flame jet, although the range is not far, but it is a range attack, which must be done before they approach, otherwise it will definitely cause great damage.
In order to form an effective fire blockade, the squadron of Shenwei 6 o’clock frenzy can only gain an advantage by introducing migratory locusts into a narrow place or transforming the surrounding environment into a narrower one.
Now it’s different. The frenzied squadron has enough arbiters and patrolmen. Multiple laser guns have formed a large net of firepower in this hall. Although some people are behind it, most of the migratory locusts inevitably hit this net, and a small number of fish that escaped were quickly removed by snipers.
There are three halls in the living area, namely, the medical area, the dining and entertainment area and the dormitory area. The number and types of enemies in the three halls are similar, so that the enemy is definitely a death to inexperienced players, but it is very simple for the frenzy squadron.
The crowd kept killing all the way, and soon they rushed through the three halls to get rid of all the enemies. After the war department was pocketed, they saw that the deputy progress was already 99%
That is to say, the next step is to face the last key point, the final BOSS! Although it may be necessary to escape from the transport according to the body, it is a trivial matter compared with BOSS.
At this time, the frenzy squadron and the command center have a gate. Behind this gate is the area where all the command and control personnel of the transport ship are located. The decisive battle will break out there. Wang Tianping will count the injuries of all the players during the last rest.
There is no damage to the body base of the Taiwan Guardian, and the durability base of the shield is about 200. The highest true light is left because it is close to 300 when evading.
Nine arbiters’ weapons were not badly damaged, and they didn’t rush to carry out melee because they had been suppressing fire in the back. The armor durability outside the station was also in a state of 900.
The durability of the six patrol small shields is about 300, but the weapons are not damaged much. The durability of the armor is not much. Wang Tianping, three people often participate in the war, and now there are less than 100, and the three people are still in a state of loss.
After all, six snipers out of the ten pursuers have never confronted the enemy head-on, while twelve scouts have had close combat with the enemy many times along the way. At this time, the durability of the outer armor is 600, and katar is also the most vulnerable part of the team.
On the whole, the frenzy squadron still retains 70% combat effectiveness, but there is one biggest problem, that is, the enemy will face the final BOSS if he doesn’t pick it up, but there is no accurate information about what this final BOSS is now.
Alien creatures? It is unlikely that if the terrain is a little bigger, it may still appear in Shenwei VI. There has been such a big bug BOSS, but in this transport ship, that magnitude BOSS is a legal activity.
Mecha? It is also unlikely that many BOSS were derivative mecha when no one reached the limit level for consulting the derivative mecha data before, which really caused great trouble to the players. But now it is not difficult to put another derivative mecha BOSS when all the officers and men have already met this limit.
And Wang Tianping also considered another possibility. When the derivative mecha did not have public information, there was a derivative mecha to be the BOSS. So will there be the possibility that custom machine A will be the BOSS now?
In the crowd’s speculation and excitement, Wang Tianping controlled the key next to this door and hit the last door. The appearance of the command center was displayed in front of them.
Counting terminals and light screens, this is the first impression that the command center gave them. This did not surprise everyone, but the scene inside made everyone very puzzled
There is no red dot in the radar before entering the door. They are some kind of shielding technology, but now there is really no one inside. There are no operators in front of the terminal and the light curtain, but the terminal is running with no obstacles, and the screen picture is changing rapidly.
What’s going on here? Is it invisible? Wang Tianping took a closer look and found that no one was sitting in the captain’s seat in the center, but one was blocked by the high backrest.

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