"As a thank you, the king will give you the treasure of his own town." As he spoke, the strange king made a strange bead from nowhere.

At the sight of the bead, I immediately got excited. Sure enough, I felt the broken sword and trembled uneasily in the scabbard. With a bang, the broken sword soared, and the pearl in the strange king’s hand echoed with the broken sword, releasing colorful brilliance.
All this, but the romantic childe them to look for.
"Treasure, look, the treasure is born!"
Among human players, such exclamations come and go.
The strange king quickly put away the beads. For the future of the one-eyed family, it can’t easily hand over the baby.
"Dad, what should we do?"
You Er’s heart is very complicated. He has been waiting for you here for thousands of years for the orb. Now the orb is born, but there are only his father and daughter here. It is impossible to snatch it from the cyclops. However, if the strange king gave the orb to the man in front of him, then his father and daughter’s mission here would be completed. Thinking that the holy one is now possessed by this person, what he got is tantamount to the holy one getting it. After thinking about this, You Er suddenly had no psychological burden, but happily said to Xiya, "Let him go. Maybe after this, we can go back to the underworld to see your mother."
Thea didn’t understand what her father thought, but she was very happy when he said that she could go back to the underworld to see her mother, so she stopped asking so many questions and encouraged me to say, "Brother Xiao, just help them."
I’ve been paying attention to the expression change of You Er. When he saw Baozhu, his expression naturally escaped my eyes. Before and after Lenovo, I already understood his thoughts, so I said to the strange king, "Can we start?"
"good!" I was sucked into a stone pit in the northwest corner by a powerful suction of the strange king, and it quickly stood in eight directions with the other seven strange kings. One man and eight monsters formed a nine-day magic array.
Thousands of people brought by the romantic childe have never seen such a scene. At this time, they just have to look at it and simply forget to rob the treasure.
As soon as we stood still, the yellow sky suddenly changed, and suddenly it became lightning and thunder. Soon, a powerful lightning burst out of the clouds and hit the broken sword. A powerful current instantly flows through my body and reaches the earth. The powerful lightning did not disappear in the earth, but spread to other cyclops along a certain route. In just one minute, lightning spread all over the place, and finally returned to me. The broken sword was held high, and lightning kept gathering on it.
I’m not a king kong. The strong current has blackened my whole body and made my hair stand on end. When I was about to lose my strength, I heard the strange power from my feet. In an instant, the lightning on the broken sword spewed out a power grid like a fountain. At this point, I clearly saw a faint net over those one-eyed monsters, which must be what they called the enchantment. That net is in tatters, and many holes can be seen. The new power grid immediately covered the old one, leaving only a hole like a door.
At this moment, the lightning stopped. The strange king flew to the door with the seven monsters and kicked them down with one foot. At the same time, its tentacles stretched out, and I flew to its side involuntarily.
"Thank you for repairing the enchantment for my family. In return, the orb will be given to you now. " Blame Wang Gang for taking out the orb. Because it is too close, everyone has not seen it clearly. The orb has been embedded in the broken sword.
"Finally, please help me and kick me down." The strange king’s expression is a bit strange. For this kind of busy, I am still happy to help, a foot down, strange king fell into the enchantment. And that enchantment door, also immediately closed.
The enchantment was successfully repaired and the sky returned to normal.
Chapter 197 Total annihilation
The cyclops completely hid in the enchantment, especially two understand that there is no need to stay in the dark island. With a wave of his left hand, the people who were originally in suspension immediately fell to the ground. The gravity on the dark island is no different from that in other places.
"Dad, it turns out that you’ve always been the ghost here. I thought it was something else."
"Girl, it’s not all dad’s power. I can’t tell you clearly at the moment. Holy Lord, there is no need for my subordinates to stay here. I want to go back to the underworld, so please allow me. "
"Well, I see, you go." This sentence is definitely not what I said. That damned magic statue simply ignored my existence, which really pissed me off. I swear, I will drive this guy out of my body one day!
"Girl, go and go back to see your mother with Lao Zi." Get the consent of the magic statue, especially two seem to be very happy.
Thea was also very happy. Since she was born, she has stayed on the island with her father, and her impression of her mother has been very vague. She has long wanted to go back to the underworld to visit. However, she can’t leave the world with her father until the mission is completed. However, when she thought of Hei Hu, her face suddenly darkened and she stammered, "Dad, I …"
"Ha ha ha ha, lad grew up. If you don’t go back, I won’t force you. Brother Xiao, please, girl, let’s go! " When he left, he disappeared in front of us in a blink of an eye. There was still a sentence in the air: "Girl, when you want to come back, let me know and I will pick you up!"
Thea bowed in the direction where the sound disappeared, and then smiled at me and said, "Brother Xiao, shall we go back?"
"Ha ha, Xiaoya, do you think we can go back now?" Thea looked in the direction of my finger, and thousands of greedy eyes behind the romantic childe seemed to devour us alive.
"So what, the treasure is not already integrated with your sword? Maybe, they still want to grab your sword? "
"Ha ha ha, that’s hard to say."
Sure enough, the romantic boy stood out in the crowd and shouted, "Crazy, want to leave? Nothing is easy! Unless you leave this bitch with your broken sword, I may be able to let you live. "
"Romantic childe, tell you, Lao tze’s patience is limited, you don’t be too arrogant! If I get mad at Lao Tzu, none of you will get back alive today! "
If it were another time and place, the romantic boy might just walk away. However, under today’s circumstances, I am afraid it is impossible for him to surrender to me with so many people. Facts have also proved that although some people in the crowd have suffered from me, such a huge momentum has made them forget all their fears in the past. The crowd whistled and sniffed.
"Hey hey, crazy, you don’t think you have an artifact is great, Lao tze so many people here, is a person spit a bubble saliva will drown you. Without further ado, I’ll give you five minutes to think about it. After five minutes, if you don’t make a decision, hey hey, I can only play hardball. "
"You …" Come on, at this time, it’s unnecessary to say anything. So, I stopped talking and looked at those human players.
At this time, the atmosphere is particularly strange, and people are all afraid to go out. Five minutes seems to be particularly difficult.
"Hey, hey, hey, I said, boy, as long as you ask me, I’ll come out and help you deal with these humans, okay?"
"Shut up, you don’t have to take care of my business anymore."
"No matter what, don’t think that Lao Tzu is so nosy!" After that, the magic statue really never made any movement again.
Time passed quickly for five minutes.
"Since you are so not afraid of death, brothers, give it to me and chop this boy up for me!" Romantic childe gave the order to attack.
Thousands of people can’t attack us at the same time, only hundreds of them can come. However, the rest of the people will not just stand there like that. In a short time, people who didn’t take part in the war immediately surrounded us, and Thea and I were immediately submerged in the sea of people.
All the players who got the command, regardless of the willy-nilly, all showed their skills and greeted me with enthusiasm. People who don’t know thought they were fighting a BOSS.
However, as a matter of fact, I don’t have the defense as high as BOSS, and I don’t have the moving speed as fast as them. Although I am wearing dragon armor, I can’t support it at once because of the uninterrupted blood loss. Thea hung back to the resurrection point without two times.
"Don’t die, don’t die!" I was gritting my teeth, and the broken sword in my hand once again repelled the enemy’s attack.
"Boy, if you don’t want to die, don’t let your two pets out quickly?" The magic statue appeared again.
Right! How could I forget Xiaolong Xiaofeng?
"Sou, sou" two, Yi Long a phoenix flew out of the pet space.
I haven’t used dragons and phoenixes to fight for a long time. I don’t know if they are more powerful than before after raising a round of injuries. Xiaolong Xiaofeng is a natural combatant. When he came out, it was a big fire. Suddenly, the flames went up, screaming.
Xiaolong Xiaofeng only has those three axes, especially Xiaolong. After two dragon attacks, he can only run with Xiaofeng.
At first, players were a little scared when they saw Xiao Long and Xiao Feng, but as soon as their offensive was over, their fighting spirit rose again. Soon, the two pets were beaten only to fly to the sky to dodge.
Is this the strength of the first pet in the world? I can’t help feeling a little regretful. It is simply a sin to let dragons and phoenixes who have not yet grown up participate in the war. There are too many missions on the body of Xiaolong Xiaofeng, and they can’t have any mistakes now. What is the intention of the magic statue to propose that they come out to fight? If the dragon and phoenix families can’t wake up because of this, wouldn’t I be guilty? So, regardless of whether they are willing or not, I forcibly recalled them to the pet space.
At this time, I have been beaten black and blue by them, and my life hangs by a thread.
"Boy, let me do it!" At the critical moment, the holy one of the demons lurking in my body pushed me aside rudely.
"Hey!" As soon as the magic statue gained control of his body, a lion roared immediately, and the harsh laughter temporarily shocked the besieged players.
"Ha ha ha ha, with you human beings, dare to fight with this deity?" The magic statue held high the broken sword, and suddenly the wind and cloud changed color, lightning and thunder.
All the players were stunned by this sudden change. However, only for a moment, they launched an attack on me (at this time, it should be said that it was the magic statue).
The magic statue only absorbs the black energy between heaven and earth endlessly, regardless of the attacks of many players. So, in a short time, many players found a strange phenomenon: in the dark fog, there is only one drop of blood left in the world, no matter how to attack, he will always keep a drop of blood and never die.
As time went on, many players began to feel bad, and some players even used the return scroll. However, the use of the return reel here is simply ineffective. So, they can only pray to God that I, the first red man in the world, will not do something that they regret.

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