"Bad day area seems to get a horrible monster …!" Seeing such a scene, a bloody scene suddenly appeared in my heart, so I quickly ordered the siege troops to withdraw quickly to avoid the edge.

At the same time, bare, too, threw herself forward, and the great god flew very fast. Bare, who had just reached the huge ambiguous serpent, had already killed nearly a thousand players and rushed to the Xuanyuan League position not far away. Obviously, he didn’t want to leave the position.
They fought hard for many days in front, and they were scared by this sudden monster. When have you ever seen such a tall monster? Oh, my God, this is still a monster. Mom, this is much taller than King Kong. A monster hundreds of meters high, don’t say that people can crush a large piece with one foot! ! Before, it had to have feet
Even the calm wind and lonely heart are also frightened. The monster is no longer an enemy, not to mention the players’ morale in the battle has dropped to the extreme. But the monster is the monster. This guy seems to be confused about which one is one of our own and which one is the enemy. Maybe he didn’t want to divide it. Anyone who is close to it, no matter who, can swallow it.
Chapter 575 War gap
Bare, I feel that the serpent has swallowed a lot of people’s heads. You bite me like a chicken pecking rice, swallowing one player like a worm, even saving chewing. I carefully looked at a huge round drum in the middle of winter, and a snake tail with a thickness of more than ten meters swayed back and forth.
At the end of the fork, each long neck has a different appearance. The snake head keeps swallowing his tongue and opening his mouth. It is not difficult to see the fangs in his mouth shining, which makes people shudder. I believe that if you want to be bitten by it, you have to peel off your skin even if you don’t die.
The huge monster stood upright in the middle of the middle school, and his glasses kept scanning back and forth as if he were enjoying the food on the plate. The player didn’t care at all, and no elephant would be afraid of a little ant! !
In the eyes of the serpent, many players are no different from ants. The only difference is that these ants are not so quiet and can’t eat well. Looking at the behemoth in front of them, they have a headache. Seeing that the Emperor City is about to get it, how can they run out of this monster?
The eye situation is bleak, even if it’s like withdrawing troops, I’m afraid it’s hard. Look at that guy’s eyeing up. How can he let his prey go to his mouth? ! Calm thinking in case of trouble makes Xiao Ran get into the habit of knowing that even when it is difficult, he needs to be calm and have ideas to solve the dilemma in order to make a profit.
"Eldest brother how to do this imp whole out such a monster, I’m afraid not! !” Xu days and wind heart lonely see bare, the backbone of the arrival hurriedly asked before.
"alas! This ….. I don’t know. This time it was an accident. It’s always been said that the god beast will not appear so early, but who knows how these small days got out? Now even if we want to get out, it’s impossible to find another way. We should have countermeasures to allow this to happen. It’s just that we haven’t thought of it yet! !” Bare, also tell the truth
To be honest, bare is a little deceived at this time. After all, he is also a human being, even if he is the first king to face an irresistible monster, it is a lie to say that he is not afraid, but can he let himself go if he is afraid of the enemy? This is obviously unrealistic. If you encounter difficulties, you have to find a way to levy them …!
"Commanded to shrink formation to suspend attacks on ranged professions and prepare for battle. I will be interesting to see how powerful this little devil is to protect the country! !” After some fighting, bare and determined to fight, whether dead or alive, this time we have to fight! !
"But that’s a god beast. We …?" Before the wind heart is lonely, bare hands interrupt his face. This is no longer a question of whether you want to fight or not. If you want to have you, you have to be safe.
"It’s not that much to do as I say, but … I know what I’m doing!" Bare this time is very serious and ordered in a stern tone, so bare that everyone has never seen bare at ordinary times, and bare is very kind.
What else do you want to say when the wind is lonely? You can hear the bare command. Although there are still many questions in your heart, you can still go to Xuanyuan Union according to the command. At this time, you finally see the effect. Although everyone is also afraid, you can still strictly enforce it after the command is reached. There are some hesitation in having those cooperative gangs. You can see that Xuanyuan Union has arranged the formation and followed Xuanyuan Union’s example.
The monster, the serpent, may be too arrogant, or he may have eaten almost enough, but he is not so hungry. One build what did not build eats away at the players around here, and those players have no fighting spirit, but they run around blindly and have no attack ability.
In the eyes of those kids, the serpent is the god in their eyes, and there is still courage to compete with it. The anti-China players lose less because of the distance, the serpent still has some limited casualties, and a small part of the attack speed is a little fast, which was killed by the serpent.
Arrows and feathers shoot at the snake’s body, causing a burst of sparks. Unfortunately, the damage to it is really limited. There are not many defenses that can be broken, but one or two points of blood are barely deducted. Is it slightly better to destroy ten points of blood by magic attack or is there a critical strike?
The vast number of players will not be willing to wait for death. Seeing that the Great God Qi is not monolithic, all of a sudden there is a drop of blood, which is also harmful. So many players will grind it to death even if they grind it! ! So the attack became more violent, and those melee professions were depressed. If you want to attack the root, you can’t reach it. The serpent is always floating in the air, but if you want to melee, you can’t finish it.
Chapter 576 In the war
The serpent was surrounded by an arrow-feather magic before it came near. Although it could not do any harm to it, it was very angry and arrogant because of the sharp pain. How could it allow these reptiles in its eyes to hurt its noble body? This is absolutely unforgivable. He has to crush these reptiles completely before he can be willing.
"Damn reptiles, you hurt my noble body. You all have to die. Die, die, die …!" The serpent was angry and never cared to keep its elegant posture. Seeing it bent over and rushed to the ground to attack the player, the huge serpent swept his head again and again, and he was not idle to bite everywhere.
Suddenly, a large number of players were swept around by it, causing heavy casualties. Even so, those players fought back. Everyone knows that there is only a way to live if you kill it. This monster is a stumbling block for yourself and others. If you don’t kill it, all previous efforts will be driven by profit. Even if you face the danger of blaming it, no one will back down.
"Kill! Kill it and explode the artifact …..! " In the chaos, a player frantically rushed to the mouth of the serpent, shouting to explode the artifact. It seems that this guy thinks that the artifact may be crazy and doesn’t want to think that the beast is so explosive! !
But he’s right. There’s a good chance that the artifact will explode, but you have to be able to kill him. The player’s words are obvious. He’s a little afraid that the player will try his best before the artifact stimulates and suddenly stops retreating. He never thought that if the artifact really explodes, who should own it? ?
It’s a pity that this is not what they think. There is a purpose in their hearts, that is, to kill this big guy and grab the artifact, so that the generation will not worry about eating and drinking, and the serpent will see that these little bugs are not afraid of their own coercion and want to blow themselves up. This is really uncle can bear it, but aunt can’t bear it …!
The only way for the majesty of the beast to be seriously violated is to crush all these reptiles that have violated their majesty to vent their anger, so it attacks even more fiercely, and the huge snake tail sweeps the boulders everywhere, shatters the walls and collapses.
Several players were crushed to death and swallowed by it. Seeing that compatriots were killed one after another, the sad feeling in bare heart was farewell. Brothers and sisters were brutally killed in front of their eyes by that horrible monster. Bare could not help but have some tears in her eyes.
"Boss, find a way to go like this. This big guy doesn’t know how much blood there is. I’m afraid that even if we all die, we may not be able to consume it!" Xu Tian and others anxiously looked at bare, the principal, hoping that he could come up with effective measures.
Bare, sad eyes, staring at the raging serpent’s eyes, the light is getting more and more malicious, and the lips are getting tighter and tighter, slowly oozing a blood trail, but he doesn’t seem to hear the wind heart lonely. They are looking at the battlefield bitterly.
After a while, Xiao Ran said coldly, "Absolutely arrogant. You lead a group of senior mages 5 and senior archers 5 to arrange long-range attacks. Be careful not to fight hard against the enemy. Let the brothers in front stop it for a while!"
"Yes!" Xu God knows how heavy Bare’s mood is at this time, otherwise he wouldn’t directly call him the name in the game. Bare never directly called him the name in the game when he entered the king, but how serious Bare is now.
Before Xu Tian could act, he ordered coldly, "Sad Sword, Fengyun Knife!"
"I order you to be absolutely arrogant, and each of you will bring 10,000 melee classes to help the people in front fight. Don’t retreat, and hold off the serpent steadily. This is a dead order!" Bare command of cold, no negotiable.
"Yes, yes!"
"Yes … yes!"
Fengyun Knife Sad Xiaojian, although I know that the chances of this death are small, it is equal to death, but I am still very happy to accept the order that the boss can give this to himself. That is a letter to them. They will never live up to the boss’s trust in them.
"The lonely heart of the wind commands you to lead all the remaining troops to assist in the war, and at the same time, you should pay attention to the enemy’s sneak attack and have the opportunity to immediately attack the palace and occupy the Emperor City …!" Bare once again made arrangements, but also reached an order to other gangs to inform the situation here and ordered them to find fighters to attack the city by themselves and occupy the Emperor City as soon as possible.
At this time, bare is not willing to sit around and wait for him to go into battle, and the target he wants to fight is the serpent that is raging everywhere! !
"Come out my familiar! ! Join me in the battle! " As bare words burst into light, Xiaojin and bloodthirsty slowly appeared in the light. When Xiaojin and bloodthirsty first appeared, they felt the serpent not far away.
It’s also a beast. They feel that the powerful roots of that monster are not what they can compete with, because they are not yet at their peak and mature stage. Although some of them have the same strength, they are far from each other. Xiaojin and bloodthirsty can now be regarded as the growth stage. There is still a long way to go before maturity, but the evolution of beasts is especially easy! !
But god beast has the dignity of god beast. Even if the strength is not as good as that of the serpent, the momentum is unwilling to lag behind. Jin and bloodthirsty just came out and screamed at the serpent, as if they felt their master’s hatred for the huge monster.
However, without the master’s command, they can never attack independently. It is under pressure that the two beasts suddenly turn into the strongest state and are ready to go into battle at any time. After summoning bloodthirsty and Xiaojin, bare did not immediately launch the attack command but summoned again.
"My pet friend mosca come out! Now I need your help …! " Bare side once again appeared a huge six mans to send array’ roar’ accompanied by Yi Long singing mini-form frost dragon mosca finally appeared in an unwilling situation.
This is the first time that mosca appeared in public. People who didn’t go far looked curiously down the sound in the dragon songs and secretly thought,’ What’s going on? There won’t be any horrible monsters! !’
Chapter 577 War gap
When mosca first came out, he was reluctant to mutter, "I said, master, what are you doing calling me out by force? Don’t you know it’s immoral to disturb a frost dragon to rest …!" Before the word came out of his mouth, he felt a great threat and swallowed it back quickly.
What are the habits of frost dragons? One is that they love to sleep for hundreds of years, and the other is that they love to fight and challenge opponents who are stronger than themselves to increase their fighting experience. This is also the innate nature of the dragons.
"I said that the master is small. What is it? Why are there so many heads? It looks very strong!" Mosca pointed to the serpent and looked like a curious baby. He felt very eager to try.
"Oh, that’s Xiao Ri’s god beast. It’s called Qi serpent. I called you out this time to perform your duty and fight with me to destroy this little snake. I wonder if you dare?" Bare face is still cold, staring at this pet, regardless of size, getting along with it for so long. What’s mosca’s temper? He knows all about it. This guy is very lazy, but he is very grumpy, most afraid that others will look down on him.
"What? You said I was afraid of that reptile? It’s just a reptile with several heads. Would I be afraid of it? Damn master, you are insulting the great dragon, but also insulting my great mosca. I want to break with you …! " Mosca listen to bare, a shock immediately roared and instantly turned himself into a peak state, and a hundred-meter dragon appeared in front of everyone.

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