Chiba made a fireball and actually hit Xiao Li

The field is once again in uproar.
Looking at Chiba’s head floating yellow, Xiao Li’s attack was actually lost by miss at this time, and Xiao Li’s qi and blood have already seen the bottom.
Chiba froze for a moment and then quickly retreated. Xiao Li had just stood in the same place. Unexpectedly, nature got people again, and this fatal blow was lost by miss.
The game was won in Xiao Li’s dullness.
Congratulations to player Chiba for winning a game. Chiba vs Xiao Li Tianwang scored 2: Chiba qualified for the top 16.
Soon Chiba and Xiao Li were taken out of the venue, and two people were walking in our direction, and their mouths were still laughing.
"You this little luck is too good! Otherwise, you will definitely die at the edge of my knife, "said Xiao Li, who hit Chiba’s shoulder without showing weakness."
Chiba also unceremoniously replied with a smile and scolded, "You have been good for such a long time. Do you want to beat me? You are a little too tender, haha. "
Two people just like this, you punched me and I kicked you and walked in front of me.
"Hey, I said … at least I’m a person, or are you your boss ignoring me?" I turned towards Chiba and Xiao Li, and said that they were not satisfied with their backs.
But they still ignored me.
I turned my head and pretended to be wronged. I saw the light clearly. After listening to her smile, I said, "Boss, don’t mind." Can I mind this?
"Congratulations on Chiba’s qualification to enter the top 16. Let’s select players for a round of competition." Yunxue’s clear voice again condensed everyone’s eyes on the big screen.
"ding!" With the arrival of two unified tones, a group of candidates has appeared on the big screen.
Fengshen vs Xiaofeng Canyue
There is also a master of the God of War who doesn’t know the bow and arrow. Xiaobai said that this bow and arrow exercise is still very exquisite, and it is not him.
I immediately looked at Xiaobai contemptuously and said, "That sounds like I’m awesome. Anyway, now I brag and don’t pay taxes, right?"
Xiao Bai gave me a look, and then he went to talk nonsense with Xiao Li and Chiba and ignored me. At this moment, the morning tea came and said softly, "Brother Xiao Bai said it was true. This morning breeze is really fierce."
"Ha ha, morning tea. I didn’t say that the morning breeze is not bad. I mean, that little white guy is bragging about his cow force. It’s not necessarily true that he can’t beat others." I deliberately lifted my neck and shouted in the direction of Xiaobai.
Xiaobai really can’t stand this passionate cry like self-esteem. "Tianya, look, if I have a chance to compete with him, I will definitely beat him."
"Ha ha, if this Xiaofeng waning moon can win Fengshen and you win your opponent, there is still a chance for me to wait! Don’t let me down, Xiao Bai. "I patted Xiao Bai on the shoulder and waited for them to say that this archer with good strength brought me a performance."
I still know the strength of Fengshen. If he can win Fengshen in this battle, then I can agree with his strength. Is it Xiaobai? Can you win? Hehe, we can wait
"Xiao Bai, let’s make a bet?" Suddenly I moved thoughtfully and asked Xiaobai
"Bet?" Xiaobai, if you are interested, ask me.
"Well bet! Bet on whether you can win this Xiaofeng waning moon. Of course, if it is based on the opportunity for you two to meet, this bet will be established. "I said solemnly," But don’t let your ya fail to live up to expectations and be killed early. "
"What about the bet?"
"I haven’t thought about it yet. Haha, let’s talk about it when you and this Xiaofeng waning moon win the top 16 competition."
The wind god in a gorgeous robe fluttered with the wind, holding his fingertips lightly and staring at his opponent not far away; Xiaofeng waning moon leans against the trunk with low eyebrows and trusting hands, but reveals a trace that men should not be enchanting.
"If this is a woman, she must be a soul-stirring demon." I thought faintly in my mind to hear "Ding!" A game has been
Fengshen had already taken the lead in launching the attack. After the staff swung a common attack, it retreated step by step. At the same time, Xiaofeng waning moon escaped the attack by relying on obstacles beside him. The arrow was already in the bow.
Fengshen deliberately kept his distance. At this point, Fengshen grasped that it was quite good that he was still attacking in the process of moving. The back of his head was like having eyes, even though he had been retreating, he was not hindered by the trunk.
Xiao Feng’s waning moon seems to deliberately control the distance between two people. I didn’t rush forward or fall for a long time. I don’t think it’s a little chat. I just turned around and just wanted to talk. I heard the morning tea behind me saying, "Don’t worry, you watch carefully!"
Ok, I’ll watch it carefully, so let me take a closer look at what you say is very powerful, and how powerful it is to have a windy and waning moon.
Seeing Fengshen and Xiaofeng waning moon getting closer and closer, watching Xiaofeng waning moon arrow has always been easily avoided by Fengshen. At this time, Fengshen’s eyes have been somewhat confident, but seeing it in Xiaofeng’s waning moon eyes is indeed more confident.
This feeling is as if Fengshen is walking according to the path of Xiaofeng Canyue, but I don’t know if this Xiaofeng Canyue is so confident.
Just when I was in doubt, Fengshen suddenly bumped into the bushes behind him, and he couldn’t find the center of gravity for a while. At this time, Xiaofeng’s waning moon face floated with a smile
See Xiaofeng waning moon lunge squat hand long bow pulled a full circle, boom, an arrow flew out and roared towards Fengshen.
"poof!" The root dodged the wind, and soon adjusted its shape after being hit by this arrow. The center of gravity was just stable, and the second arrow had been shot.
The arrow body is surrounded by strands of cyclone, which is impressively bound by archers.
"Bang!" With a cyclone arrow inserted in Fengshen’s shoulder "2s!" A big yellow word floated up and caused dizziness for 2 seconds.
Xiaofeng’s waning moon bowed his head and smiled, and his lips murmured. He took a step forward with a long bow and then shot an arrow. He quickly stepped on the first half step. When Fengshen’s dizziness was still unsolved, he saw Xiaofeng’s waning moon pull his posture, and then there was a buzz. The arrow string could not be tighter.
Xiaofeng Canyue holds a bow, and his hands are shaking constantly because of too much force. The long bow in his hand is like breaking, just as Fengshen has just resumed action, "Boom!" A crisp arrow left the string.
The flying arrow drives the surrounding air, which makes the leaves keep ringing and roll every time they pass by.
A very high number floated above Fengshen’s head. At this time, Fengshen was already blood. However, Fengshen frowned a little and then it was a hockey skill, playing Xiaofeng and the waning moon without avoiding it.
Fengshen dragged the residual blood backward across the bush and just landed, he was about to move to one side. Seeing Fengshen suddenly looked up and looked in the direction of Xiaofeng’s residual moon, he saw that Fengshen had not left, and the fireball technique with another wave of his staff had also been played.
The fireball hit Xiaofeng’s broken moon armor, but he still didn’t avoid it.
I turned my head just to despise looking at two people, morning tea and Xiao Bai. How can such people be considered masters? When I heard the light clear, I screamed, "Boss, don’t turn your head. Look!"
I immediately withdrew my contemptuous eyes and turned to look at the situation.
At this time, Feng Shen held his right hand horizontally and his lips moved, gradually forming a cyclone in his right hand. The cyclone became bigger and bigger and gradually formed a whirlwind.
At this time, the look in the eyes of Xiaofeng Canyue changed instantly, and it attacked Fengshen again. At the same time, it was still deliberately retreating. Soon, the whirlwind in Fengshen’s hands no longer changed. Seeing Fengshen waving forward, the whirlwind rolled up from the ground and counted the fallen leaves toward Xiaofeng Canyue.
The wind whirled in Fengshen’s hands and formed a powerful tornado. At this time, it seemed to form a leaf wall to block the arrows shot by Xiaofeng’s waning moon. With a strong rustle and the wind blowing the trees, the hurricane soon came to Xiaofeng’s waning moon.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-four Small white victory
Xiaofeng waning moon has been hard to hide at this time, and I was stunned to see that the hurricane was close to me, biting my teeth and rushing towards the hurricane.
"This guy is stupid? How can you still hit your skills? "Xiao Li said dismissively.
"Uh-huh ~" I sneered at Xiao Li. "This is common sense, which can reduce injuries." After that, Xiao Li muttered thoughtfully, "Common sense?" After that, I found a clear lamp to answer questions.
That is, when encountering a typhoon in the sea, the experienced captain will command the ship to rush straight towards the typhoon, which will not only reduce the contact time of the typhoon, but also make the hull smoother.
Although there will be no danger of capsizing here, relative exercise can greatly reduce the risk of injury, so if you have to survive this, then victory is in your hands.
And if Xiaofeng Canyue doesn’t do this, Fengshen can do a lot, which shows that Xiaofeng Canyue’s ability to judge the situation is still outstanding.
Judging from the attack just now to change Xiao Li’s escape route, it’s no wonder that Xiao Bai and Zao Cha will say that this morning breeze is not simple.
However, at this time, the speed of Xiaofeng’s waning moon was weakened by the ice hockey. Just when I think he is still unlucky at the moment, I saw Xiaofeng’s waning moon suddenly circling his feet like a wind, and the speed changed from slow to fast.
"This is wind walk." Just when I was full of doubts, Chiba said that I was puzzled. "Do you think you are going to suffer if you don’t look good during the game?"
"Ha ha" I laughed for a while and then said, "It’s not a loss. I don’t care about this kind of opponent now."
"If you don’t brag, you can’t sleep late, right?" Chiba despised me, and as we talked, the changes in this field were already surging.

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