In the fast movement, Mu Xiaoxiao kept attacking, and she never broke away from me until I slowed down and had to look for some opportunities.

The attack in the movement will make the movement have some pauses. However, even this moment of pause has made Mu Xiaoxiao seize the continuous point and then turn around. I have a little distance. At this time, I turned around and the staff has been waved. At this moment, my skills have been played.
I feel that my body is gradually frozen and moving more and more slowly. Even so, when Mu Xiaoxiao released his skills, he has let me get close to her again, and the dagger has already stabbed her.
However, Mu Xiaoxiao has also retreated after releasing his skills.
To win … to win … I keep thinking that if I can’t hit this attack, maybe I will lose the game.
I know that even if I stab Mu Xiaoxiao, I will definitely avoid most of the injuries. Looking at Mu Xiaoxiao at this state, I have no doubt in my heart that even if I stab Mu Xiaoxiao, will it hurt or not be fatal?
I have no choice. I can hope to trigger the bone erosion effect so that I can win.
"Brush!" The dagger has stopped halfway across, and I haven’t even touched Mu Xiaoxiao’s clothes, and I have been frozen and can’t move for half a minute.
"Lying in the trough!" I cursed in my heart how this freezing speed is so fast.
"I’m sorry about the end of the world!" Mu Xiaoxiao spoke with extreme gentleness in her voice, and I couldn’t help but read something polite when I heard it.
Don’t freeze me if you are so polite.
A moment ago, I was arrogant and stabbed, and now it’s like a dead fish, and everything is ready to wait for the pot.
But it still hurts when I’m beaten
Mu Xiaoxiao attacked her several times, and she has retreated a few yards. I still have less than half of my blood, but at the moment Mu Xiaoxiao’s expression seems a little flustered.
The desire for victory, especially for the king’s victory, is quite inspiring. Being able to enter the strong 16 strong people are all people who have considerable ability to make it to the finals.
No one will compromise easily in front of the champion. What’s worse, I know that part of this skill is frozen and imprisoned. She is worried that I am eager to win and break through this skill.
I didn’t let Mu Xiaoxiao worry about Bai after all.
When my qi and blood dropped to a dangerous level, I was already anxious to lose this game, and the pressure was really great. Not to mention whether there would be a game after the map advantage now, it seemed that there was no root for Mu Xiaoxiao.
I can understand that she has the skills of perception.
In such an urgent situation, my fighting spirit was full and full, and one voice after another shouted in my heart that I had to win! I want to win!
"Ah …!" Unfortunately, I can’t shout it out.
Mu Xiaoxiao found that the change was no longer attacking, but quickly retreating, and I gradually felt that the effect of frozen confinement around me was gradually weakening.
The moment Mu Xiaoxiao broke through the ice, he disappeared into my sight again. Without the protection of this skill, Mu Xiaoxiao is just an ordinary wizard at the moment.
But fuck is a little better
The assassin’s speed is still faster than that of the mage. In this jungle, Mu Xiaoxiao has to try to hide his place. Soon, I am close to Mu Xiaoxiao again, and the skill D is already good.
Mu Xiaoxiao released an ice hockey skill in anticipation, and my foot slipped and changed the route of travel. When I approached again, I made a surprise attack.
Cold light and blood everywhere.
Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t escape after all. Although my playing style is somewhat dependent, this strategy of relying on topography is not necessary, and I will not be condemned by my conscience.
After all, the profession of assassin depends on it. Do you expect assassins to fight with others and fight fair and square?
That’s a hero, not an assassin
It’s Jing Ke, a man who has always praised virtue. Isn’t that a stab in the back? Assassins are never the kind of people who disdain to do such things, but the better they do, the more powerful they will prove you.
So I won with honor.
Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t show any reluctance. He was very calm about the result of the game, and I didn’t kill more. After all, Mu Xiaoxiao’s skills were so powerful.
"Do you have perceptual skills?" I had the audacity to ask Mu Xiaoxiao for information again.
Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t immediately reply for a long time before saying, "You are quite good at guessing, but now we are rivals. It’s not good for you to ask so."
"I didn’t ask, I just confirmed my guess," I argued.
"Well, you guessed it," Mu Xiaoxiao said flatly. It seems that she didn’t want to hide it from me, but just wanted to play a little joke on me.
The fact is that she is really a joke.
Mu Xiaoxiao doesn’t mind telling me what her skill is. She can sense stealth units in her range and judge their distance from her direction.
Of course, it should be within a certain range
I joked with Mu Xiaoxiao about whether she liked me, or else how could she tell me all her skill information? Mu Xiaoxiao pretended to be surprised and went back to "Eh, how did you know that you found out?" The result really embarrassed me.
"Okay, okay, don’t take my heart for the second game." I quickly found a reason to end the conversation between two people. I can’t bear to say that again.
"giggle … you have to let me go." Mu Xiaoxiao said with a smile that there was no depression in losing the game.
I don’t know what this girl thinks. It seems that she doesn’t pay so much attention to the roots of this martial art meeting, but she has come to this end.

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