As a result, it is not surprising that the fairy is so powerful that no one can compete with it except the four great kings, the two pearls and the piano emperor.

Four games have passed, and the top 16 will be decided in two days. The top 16 qualifying battle is believed to be absolutely wonderful.
Chu Yun’s hope in the top 16 qualifying battle is to meet the black dragon and expose its false mask.
King Chuyun of the Holy Dragon Sword couldn’t help laughing. He thought that if this time he exposed it, would a golden dragon sword king run out at a time?
And the ice emperor Yan Huang killed the gods. These three pretending to be forced to pack for so long should be over.
It’s a pity that Qin Tian didn’t attend the magic martial arts conference, otherwise he would become a pig king
the third day
In the first game, the golden goddess of war stood proudly in the ring, with cold skin, beautiful white figure and straight legs.
Chu Yuncai felt that Lin Weiwei was like a goddess, but she was a female nerve when she was together.
Alas, it turns out that the goddess’ nerves are separated by a thin line!
Lin Weiwei’s right hand, stars, left hand, providence and figure, golden armor, glittering Guanghua flashing, even if it is a brain special effect, it is difficult to make it.
As soon as Lin Weiwei appeared, off the charts’s popularity was not lost to the four kings, and the beauty was even more faint.
Lin Weiwei’s opponent soon appeared. He was a strange man because he had the sword of the undead princess in his hand.
This is a middle-aged man who looks a little obscene. It is the man who bought Princess Wan Ling’s sword at the auction house.
This middle-aged man was given a funny nickname, Lori Corn.
When he attacks, there will be a girl chasing him once, plus the age of this middle-aged uncle, so he is called Loli Corn.
But this girl touched the golden goddess of war and estimated that he would be eliminated directly.
Loli is staring at the golden goddess of war. Although she likes Loli, she also likes beautiful women!
"Golden Goddess of War Golden Goddess of War Golden Goddess of War …"
When the game was approaching, the crowd shouted the name of the golden goddess of war, which was very lively.
When the first game, Lin Weiwei directly extinguished and released the 2% power shock wave of the past plus skills. She believed that she could definitely kill her opponent.
As a result, as Lin Weiwei expected, Uncle Lori was terminated without even summoning the ghost Lori.
Lin Weiwei’s victory represents Chu Yun’s happiness in entering the top 16, because now Lin Weiwei himself and Meng Yao have entered the top 16.
Second field
Ice blue vs ghost hand
Ice Blue is naturally the Bauhinia King Group. Ice Blue has successfully entered the top 16 because of the hidden occupation of equipment.
And the ghost hand is a man, perhaps because he hides his career, his hand is actually black like a kid, so he is called the ghost hand.
Ghost hand is a sword profession. His ghost hand holding a giant sword is powerful and can do tens of thousands of damage to ordinary players.
Ghost hand is a man. He looks ordinary, but he can’t find it in a crowd, but he has a cold temperament. Maybe the real life environment has influenced him.
Ice blue nickname is much better than ghost hand. It is called Queen Ziyan because she looks so high and beautiful in her spare time. With her unique flame, it is called Queen Ziyan.
Queen Ziyan has more fans than Mengmeng, the goddess of firm but gentle, because she is a purple flame and a beautiful woman.
This is a contest between the mage and the swordsman. Outside the ring, the players hold their breath to see whether the queen is strong or the ghost hand is strong.
But everyone wants the queen to win. Who makes her a great beauty?
Both of them belong to the silent type, and neither of them spoke.
Until the game, a blue ice and a purple fire begged for release.
Ghost hand dodged in the past and raised his sword to kill him.
Chapter 323 Ice Lanwei!
Ice blue purple inflammation didn’t attack each other, but when the attack was on the ground, it exploded with a bang, accompanied by a strange comparison of Mars.
Everyone knows that the occupation of ghost hand is short-range attack. Once you get close to Queen Ziyan, it’s over. But will Queen Ziyan let him get close? Obviously not.
Queen Ziyan waved her staff and rippled a circle of purple ripples, giving people a sense of evil.
Blinking the purple ripples into purple fire waves gives people a spectacular horror.
This purple inflammation fire wave can’t be avoided even if it doesn’t fly.
The flame was so pressed, and the ghost hand didn’t do nothing, but waved a huge sword and became a sword in shape, and then rushed towards the ice blue with no decrease in readiness.
Violent inflammation directly smashed the sword, and there was a 3251 injury, which didn’t surprise everyone because the ghost hand was protected by the sword.
But then a surprising scene appeared, because the fire did not disappear directly after it fell to the ground, but turned into a fire burning like Emperor Yan.

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