However, Ye Feng still wondered, "What’s the rare time for her to be serious?"

"Too lazy," said Tang Weiwei seriously.
"How lazy is …?"
"It’s too tiring and frustrating to fight seriously, and you have to die. Why are you so serious about counting brain cells?" After Tang Weiwei finished, she added, "This sentence is what Amian said!"
"Is she really better than I saw?" Ye Feng looked at the petite figure and asked.
"Give you an intuitive understanding. When she first entered the myth, she fought with the ghost dance knife for ten times and lost ten times, then closed her study for two weeks, played ten times and won three times, and then closed her fight for ten times and won five times …"
Ye Feng answered, "Then close the ghost dance knife and lose more, win less and beat her?"
Tang Weiwei nodded. "That’s the truth. That’s why they said Amin may not be the strongest, but he must be the most talented."
Ye Feng even more regrets that "Sleeping girl is really gifted. No wonder she is too lazy to be like a cat on weekdays."
Envy, jealousy and hatred in my heart make me feel lost, lonely and cold. This should be the kind of saying that it is amazing that others get up early and practice day and night for a hundred years. It is better for her to practice for a day.
Ye Feng see LanYuMian petite figure leng see a sense of invasion to mouth murmured, "but how can she be serious? Do I have to thank the cloud madness for inspiring the sleeping girl’s fighting spirit? "
JiXiaoXi shook his little head retorted, "thank him? It’s natural to hit our field and fight back. Sister Amiens said it yesterday. She wants to defend the glory of stealing gods. This is a glory war and a small universe must break out. "
Ye Feng spoiled and touched Meng Shen’s head and smiled, "Don’t be silly, son. Glory is less valuable in your sister’s eyes than moral integrity. She casually said that you believe it!"
Luo Yunmeng heard a strange and complicated look in her eyes and then whispered, "She defends the glory of the gods, because the gods are you, the gods are invincible, and the gods cannot be defeated!"
Ye Feng replied casually without thinking about it, "The gods must be so serious. If they are not the pseudo-strong clubs of the Iron Riding League, can Amin sweep the gods without playing in the cloud madness? It is not modest to say that if the cloud madness has no enemy for five seconds, I can turn him into a corpse in seconds, even if he is a shadow demon!"
"But you are a bully in heavy armor to win a leather thief how much force? Yunkuang is a thief, Amin is also a thief. Amin is more powerful. She is not going to prove that she is the strongest thief, but to tell them that the strongest thief is in the glory of the gods. She wants to defend it! " Luo Yunmeng explained
Tang Weiwei heard that Luo Yunmeng’s glances were not in words, but she said in her heart, "So you always know Amien."
Ye Feng suddenly realized, "Oh, this is the thief’s name …"
Luo Yunmeng gave him a hard white look. "You are stupid!"
On the other hand, Jingwumen, a potential organization of Yunkuang, also made its debut in the rain and held a secret discussion.
Sleeping in the rain, domineering, and strong gas field have broken down the promise to a certain extent, and the confidence in Yunkuang is broken. You know, the creation of Jingwumen is the foundation of the rise of Tianfengmeng, which is the ultimate strategic goal of the first guild. The strategic goal is so great that it is more perfect to sing a promise than to expect Yunkuang to be brave enough to sweep the gods. Even that despicable guy Tuoba Xie will do it.
She hopes that Yunkuang will win, but she can’t take the rain sleep as a thief.
"Will you win?" The promise is shallow and the face is full of worries. Looking at a thief sitting behind him, the player is the one who rides the sky to ride the night thief at large. There is no doubt that he is one of the few thieves in China who is qualified to judge this battle
"It’s hard!" At large, he frowned and shook his head firmly.
"But the cloud crazy is very strong and the equipment is so good. I know that Asura is also very strong, but her equipment is definitely poor. It is not necessarily higher than the cloud crazy …"
"For real masters, especially focusing on controlling thieves’ equipment can affect a battle, but it is not enough to control a battle. Unless Yunkuang equipment is strong enough to crush and sleep in the rain, you know that this is obviously impossible. More importantly, sleeping in the rain seems to be serious." A peak thief is naturally willing to enjoy a peak thief battle while he is at large.
"So what?" It’s very annoying to sing a promise. She may be more eager to sleep in the rain than a cloud maniac.
"You all don’t understand that it’s terrible to get serious about sleeping in the rain." The tacit understanding of impunity led Tang Weiwei to evaluate.
"terrible? Too exaggerated! "
"Exaggerated? Think about the war between Daqin Empire and the Association of Gods, Yunmengze. In less than 20 seconds, you even killed five masters and even the dragon god. Did she rely on luck? This Asura is just too lazy. If she had been more diligent, she might have been a super-god master of Indra Day. Nuo Nuo can’t be a thief at any peak, and it’s a thief. "
"Is it really so powerful?" The promise of shallow singing is not scared.
At large, he continued, "If you don’t want the winning streak of Yunkuang to end, you’d better stop this battle, but I still don’t recommend you to do so. Even if you lose World War I in Asura, it will be good for Yunkuang’s growth."
The promise is shallow, singing and waving. "This is not important. Last question, do you really think that Yunkuang wants to join Jingwumen, and it takes so much effort to fry it into a popular fried chicken to make me bleed?"
"The theory is that I really can’t think of any attraction of guilds like Hero Country and spirit of war League. Of course, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that he wants to stand on his own feet, but if it is a choice between spirit of war League, Hero Country and Jingwumen, it must be Jingwumen."
"Want to hear the truth?"
"Of course!"
"You have more money, and the beauty president is more attractive and competitive. The potential of China District is the most crucial point. Every young and ignorant teenager has a dream of a saint. Obviously, this cloud-crazy age is young, and I think the goddess Athena is still very famous." At large, he teased.
"Brother Xiaoyao, are you interested in wearing my sacred clothes?" The promise is shallow and the smile is bad.
"Hehe, I have reached the age of paying homage to my youth, and my interest is really not very great."
"I also think that cloud madness is more reliable!"
With a wave of his hand, he shouted "Follow me!"
Yangmen paste, Ximen blow blood, coke and ice are all at a loss.
"The arena!"

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