The car is gone, but the crew is still staring at it.

"F elder sister" Lin Weiwei pulled Chen Mengyao sleeve and said.
"Huh?" Chen Mengyao looked at Lin Weiwei curiously.
"I really want to meet that fairy." Lin Weiwei regretted that he should have rushed to see if there was the fairy in that super-era Rolls-Royce car just now.
"I’m afraid that our goddess of war will feel inferior," Chen Mengwei joked, but it’s also true. Don’t say that even a woman in Lin Weiwei will feel inferior when she sees her.
"I don’t believe her face is more beautiful than ours? !” Lin Weiwei firmly said that although the other person’s temperament is very fairy, the aura is very big and the figure is super good, but her face … Lin Weiwei thought to herself that F’s elder sister’s face is even better than those super actresses. Maybe it’s better than each other?
"Vivian, she is more beautiful than us, and it’s not one point two." Chen Mengyao patted Lin Weiwei on the shoulder and sighed.
"I just don’t believe it!" Lin Weiwei insisted that although Chen Mengyao said it more than once, Lin Weiwei would never believe it without seeing it with his own eyes
When the crew reacted, they all surrounded Chen Mengyao, especially those actresses who compared hexagrams, asking about Chu Yun’s identity.
They wonder which aristocratic family Chu Yun came out to play filming.
These strange questions make Chen Mengyao difficult to answer and can cope with them at random …
Chu Yun is very nervous in the car. Who let her ride the world’s top car for the first time?
No one spoke in the car. Chu Yun took the lead in saying, "Where is that heaven and hell?"
"Aristocratic communication" Song Ning Frost said calmly that there was no fluctuation in her tone.
"Exchange is still noble" Chu Yun wondered if he wanted to change a suit.
The word noble is bright and dazzling in Chu Yun’s eyes, but his dress is dirty because of filming.
"My clothes are a little dirty." Chu Yun’s weak road will make do if it is not dirty, but it is very dirty now
"Take a trip to the clothing store" Song Ning Frost lightly spit out these five words from Sakura’s mouth.
"%# RMB …" Chu Yun thought that Sister Fairy was considerate. He didn’t say anything about going to the clothing store yet, so he asked the driver to go to the clothing store.
There is no doubt that the clothing store is the kind of high-end clothing store. Chu Yun bought a set casually and asked for 10 thousand yuan
In Chu Yun’s eyes, what clothes to wear is the so-called key, whether it is clean or not.
If the clothes are not clean and tidy, it will give people a sloppy feeling, and the first impression will fall sharply.
Chapter 244 Hell and heaven!
"What is a hell paradise in that aristocratic communication place?" After buying clothes and sitting in the car, Chu Yun soon asked out his curiosity.
In Chu Yun’s eyes, the communication center should have an elegant name. It would be perfect if the word "stay in heaven" was removed, but why should it be added?
"There are all kinds of high-level people there, and everyone may be offending people while making friends," said Song Ningshuang, giving people an inscrutable feeling.
"…" Chu Yun is a little white because like a high-level person, it is like a complicated net. If it is handled properly, it will be heaven; Or one that can’t be handled well, that’s hell
Not because Chu Yun was a little nervous, he decided to go there by himself and try not to offend people in a fog.
It’s very simple, four words, and the lights are flashing around these four words.
This place is not as spectacular as expected, but since it should be extraordinary in the aristocratic communication place.
But there are so many luxury cars parked outside. The cheapest is several million, right?
"Do you need admission?" Chu Yun asked curiously.
"Follow me, I don’t need it." Song Ning Frost said calmly.
"Uh …" Chu Yun thought you don’t need to follow. Do you need it alone?
When Chu Yun entered it, he was surprised, because it was the first time to come to this place since he was born.
The hall is spacious, gorgeous, brightly lit, and all kinds of gorgeous decorations are elegant, elegant, atmospheric and smooth. The marble floor is eye-catching, and the music that relieves fatigue reverberates in the hall.
Chu Yun tried to keep calm. After all, he is a billionaire and can’t lose his mettle.
When Song Ning Frost appeared, it was amazing. What did Chu Yun think? Why can’t you make a vase quietly? How good it is to make a vase? Don’t think, do anything, think or be assassinated.
A group of bodyguards protected Song Ningshuang from being attacked by the enemy. Chu Yun is really a language. If she lives like her, she must be insane.
Many people here have bodyguards, but Song Ning Frost is the first one.
People here seem to be used to it, and there is no surprise in their eyes except stunning. Chu Yun guessed that this woman used to come here before.
Seeing these delicious dishes, Chu Yun was a little hungry. Who asked him to shoot an afternoon play?
Beside these delicious dishes, there is a beautiful lady in cheongsam who constantly adds embellishments to the food and shuttles through it.
"Eat if you want" Song Ning Frost saw Chu Yun’s eyes tracing to those foods from time to time and said.
“! # $% ….. "Chu Yun a stumble this woman’s eyes are too sharp, it was all seen by her.
"I don’t eat …" Chu Yun moved his eyes to observe the so-called nobility.
The men present are all handsome in suits and ties, and their expressions are polite and very gentleman; Of course, ladies also have their elegant manners in all kinds of manners, and men are whispering and laughing, which shows that these are a group of women who are not simple!
"Ugly people!"
Chu Yun eyes cried stare big because he saw two ugly people named Tian here.
Because everyone is handsome, these two ugly people are particularly eye-catching here
However, this ugly man seems to be with a man who is tall, handsome and has bright eyes. But this smile is not that kind of elegant smile, but that kind of arrogant smile.
Proud and uninhibited expression makes public that there are many women around who look at this man with spring in their eyes, which shows how attractive he is.
"Who is this?" Chu Yun thought, but one thing is certain: this person is absolutely big. Otherwise, how can those two ugly monsters be willing to be by his side and his arrogant expression? If there is no information, it is estimated that they would have been chewed by those arrogant pseudo-gentlemen without even bones left.
At this moment, the man seemed to sense that someone was watching him, and his eyes immediately looked at him.
"Er, it was discovered" is the only sentence that appeared in Chu Yun’s mind.
Handsome men suddenly came to Chu Yun’s side and followed him, except for two ugly men and cold tall men.
Chu Yun is sure that this cold tall man must be a handsome little brother, otherwise how can he follow him like a servant?
"Haha, I finally arrived. Let me wait. I didn’t expect Miss Song to come together."
Handsome men are full of arrogance and arrogance in their big smiles, and there is a kind of arrogance.
Chu Yun was surprised to hear this. "Did you let me come here?"
"Of course," the handsome man laughed. "My name is Tian Ba. If you look at me, you can call me Tian Shao."
"…" Chu Yun didn’t talk, but his heart turned up a monstrous wave. Isn’t he the boss of the Naha Alliance in the mouth of the fairy sister? Oh, my God, who would have thought it was him who invited himself!
And the ugly eyes behind him are like poisonous snakes. Although they are not deliberately shown, Chu Yun still feels chilly.
"Miss Song, do you want me to call Qin Xiong? If he knows you are here, he will be happy." Tian Ba laughed.
"Then follow Tian Xiong’s meaning," said Song Ning Frost lightly, calm as if it were heaven and man.
"Brother Qin?" Chu Yun is wondering if that Qin Xiong will be funny like Qin Tian!
One is the boss of the Flying Snow Alliance, and the other is the boss of the Batian Alliance. The only thing missing is the boss of the Sky Alliance.

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