Card Name Gaota Fengjiang

Card level second layer
Card score 51
The number of participants is thirteen
Obtained integral 1
Residual integral 137
Another harvest full of one.
When he handed the book of life and death to Jiang Yunchu and looked at it again, "Do you want to find a place to live or have lunch first?"
Jiang Zhichu "Let’s eat"
I stayed in Zhene Tower for a few days and ate fast food. I just had a fight with the murderer and then it was raining for almost two hours. I really need a hot meal to treat myself.
Xie Ji followed Jiang Yunchu, who knew his way around, to the snack street. Like the slums, people who opened shops in the street looked different. According to Jiang Yunchu, some of these people were non-human and some were officially hired ordinary people.
After entering the civilian area, there is a new way to get points-working for the altar.
Although the points obtained are meager, at least I don’t risk my life to change them.
They ordered two bowls of beef, and the price in Lamian Noodles’s civilian areas was higher than that in the slums. One bowl of noodles cost 100 points.
At a time when the business in the Fandian store is booming, more than ten tables are full.
People in civilian areas are also more lively than those in slums, and they are discussing new hexagrams while eating.
"Will you go to the square to see the lights tonight?"
"Don’t go to the nearest altar, it’s not peaceful. Stay in the hotel honestly. Don’t fight with the immortals then. Let’s get hurt again."
"Who fights with whom? Tell me about it."
"That’s a lot. Recently, wine had a fight with lewdness, folly had a fight with lewdness, wine had a fight with killing, folly had a fight with killing, and folly had a fight with wine …"
"Why don’t they scuffle … it’s a mess"
"Isn’t it? It is said that it has been a’ stolen’ position for too long, and these four want to fight for it."
"And so on these four don’t have identity? How to rob’ theft’? "
"Brother new? Every identity corresponds to a benefit. Who doesn’t want to hold more in their hands? I heard that especially the argument between "false" and "wine" is called a passionate "slut" and I want to argue. After all, the name "slut" is not very nice, and it’s good to change. "
Xie Ji dark sigh noodle restaurant is right to hear so much information.
He raised his eyebrows at the opposite Jiang Yunchu. "What happened to these four bss?"
Jiang Ji had already finished eating noodles and was drinking a bottle of carbonated drinks with 30 points. He let go of his mouth and sucked it to manage his thinking. "Killing is equivalent to the queen’s dog."
I don’t know who slipped the spoon from the palm and fell into the bowl.
When Jiang Yunchu spoke, he happened to meet a short silence in the noodle restaurant. His clear pronunciation and mellow voice directly extended the short silence limit.
Every guest looked frightened and looked as if he were watching a dead man.
Although but ….. You can’t be so fair to say’ kill’ is the queen dog!
You are in the civilian area of the main city of the altar!
"Kill" maybe you can hear it!
Jiang Jichu continued naturally with different eyes.
"it is the queen’s side guard who is responsible for protecting the queen’s safety and directly obeying the queen’s biggest character, that is, the iron machine with no personality.
"’false’ is a lie. There is no truth in it. It is the favorite of the four bss. The novice who is responsible for distributing the life and death book successfully through the altar will get the life and death book. It is it that sends people to send it.
"’Yin’ you will know by the name that it is a garbage … This bss is not responsible for the public security management of the main city. We all said that it didn’t know how much oil and water it made in private, and it was also the weakest one among the four bss. I heard that it was often beaten by the other three bss.
"The’ wine’ brain is not normal. It’s a mental illness management card. Every card we meet is arranged by it. This bss will behave in a way that doesn’t follow common sense. If something happens, it will fight with’ jump’ and’ lust’."
When Jiang Ji-chu finished speaking, there were only two people left in the noodle restaurant, he and Xie Ji. Even the shopkeeper was afraid of being implicated and ran out with other guests.
The words drew four active bss to hate Xie, and the first reaction when they looked at the noodle restaurant was that it was good that this store paid first and then ate, otherwise they might have to pay for it.
Chapter 51 Chapter 51
After a long silence, Xie Ji asked his second heart question, "Can they hear you when you speak?"
Jiang Zhichu’s "Seeing Luck"
Thank you. "Then aren’t you afraid that they will give you trouble?"
Jiang Yunchu: "I won’t meet them on the seventh floor if I don’t talk?"
Thank you for sending it. Anyway, when you get to the seventh floor, you have to fight hand to hand. He refuses to say a few good words now, and then the four bss will release water.
After eating and drinking enough, they found a hotel to stay in.
Similar to the slum, the hotel is called "No.7 Hotel in the Civilian Area", which is easy to remember, but it has no characteristics.
They asked for 100 points a day for two rooms across the hall. When they have something to discuss, they stay in the thank-you room.
They are now preparing for the living price in the civilian areas and can live for nearly two months.
However, according to Jiang Yunchu, the altar will not let you live in the main city for too long. If you don’t continue to break in for two months, you will be forcibly sent to the first floor with the highest card number.
Altar cards are divided into three grades, the novice to the second floor is the first grade, the third to the fourth floor is the second grade, and the fifth to the seventh floor is the third grade.
In order to avoid danger, some people will seize the last time to limit the credit score of low-level cards, but to balance the level of card members, they must be able to brush the second floor at least when they come to civilian areas, that is, cards with the’ five precepts’ attribute.
For example, when I met Ran Yuanfei, I went to the fourth floor and went back to the second floor to see the’ kill’ attribute card.
After listening to this statement, Xie Ji asked, "Those who can pass the sixth floor are extraordinary, and going to the second floor should be a piece of cake. If such people brush points on the second floor every three months, won’t they be able to live at the altar for a long time?"
Jiang Yunchu said, "Well, you can hold yourself back before, and you have already reached the sixth floor. After the altar reform, you can break into the seventh floor. If you are lucky enough not to die, you can go to the novice to start all over again. It is said that the rules were not put long ago, and the master died on the sixth floor for seven times."
Thank you for sending "so much"
What flashed in Jiang Zhichu’s eyes was heavier than "although there was a chance to start over, the seventh layer of danger was not taken lightly. How could you be so lucky to be alive and not dead? Almost all of them didn’t go to die."
It sounds like the queen is too crowded on the sixth floor to reform and harvest a wave of people.
Xie Ji asked again, "You said that looking for’ jump’ can unbind the book of life and death … I didn’t mean to unbind it, but what you mean is that we can see bss outside the seventh floor."

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