Chu Yun consumes every second, and at the same time, he should pay attention to his own blood volume and nervous system.
If you don’t get the wind-killed pearl, if you don’t change your job as a priest, if you don’t have the range skills, if you sell all the blood-adding drugs that were originally used to fight monsters, this battle is likely to be a failure
I don’t know why Chu Yun always feels that this test is tailor-made.
Looking at the monkey’s life value, Chu Yun’s blood is boiling more and more. When the monkey’s life value is less than 3, Chu Yun drinks "the last blow!"
When the monkey fell, Chu Yun took a deep breath and made a victory gesture. Don’t be so excited!
At the same time, the old man’s pupil stared at the biggest face. "I actually passed!"
"Ding, congratulations on passing the test"
Hearing the sound, Chu Yun was happy. Fortunately, there was no monster again.
If there is another day, Xuan will really be finished.
Chu Yun, who was behind the sound, appeared outside and the light curtain slowly disappeared
"You, you, you …" Xiaomei is still outside. She can’t believe looking at Chu Yun. "How is it possible that you passed?"
"Lucky" Chu Yun smile is really lucky. If someone else killed him, it would be impossible to pass.
"Then please come with me," Xiaomei said, taking a deep breath and caressing her chest.
Chu Yun smiled and nodded his head. Should he change his job and hide his career? I just don’t know if this pianist hides his career.
When Chu Yun Road came, the old man said faintly, "Will you inherit my mantle?"
"Yes," Chu Yun said directly. Stupid people don’t want to.
"Well, calm down and get rid of other thoughts. By the way, remember to do more good after inheriting my strength. If you let me know what you are doing, I will kill you even if you are thousands of miles away." The old man warned with a serious tone.
"I remember!" Chu Yun firmly said, but in his heart, he was thinking about me. Did you kill the player?
"Are you ready to calm down and close your eyes?" The old man said
"Well," Chu Yun slowly closed his eyes. He knew that the sacred moment was coming.
The old man doesn’t know the spell in his mouth, and his body shines like a small sun.
Slowly the old man leaned out with one hand and a white light flocked to Chu Yun, who was blooming in Chu Yun.
Chu Yun felt very warm and comfortable.
After a while, the white light disappeared, and at this moment a sound appeared in Chu Yun’s ear.
"Ding, your career is full. If you want to change jobs, you must give up one."
"Give up the pianist," Chu Yun said with his eyes open.
"Ding Yuan’s professional skill department disappears"
"Congratulations on your successful job change. Hide the professional voice."
Hearing this sound, Chu Yun’s eyes are full of brilliance, and listening to this name is very powerful
"Ding, you have mastered the skills. Cloth armor specializes in playing the piano, playing the magic and playing the magic."
These four skills sound like cattle, especially those who hold the piano and are arrogant enough!

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